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What at us for the summer? - letofit the summer menu and recipes of

Ya, letolyub, letonarkoman... And I this summer have an excellent plan! A hot season already in the heat. Long ago it is time to indulge himself tasty, fresh. Right now the nature presents us the fruits of which it is possible to make the simple summer menu. I will share with you some recipes. They to you will precisely have on temper.

the Most important summer dessert still remains ice cream. Here easy recipe of its preparation.

Home-made ice cream

to us will be necessary for

: ice cream, condensed milk (2/3 banks) and berries or fruit to taste.

It is possible to experiment though every day. Berries (fruit) should be frozen previously. In the blender we put berries, condensed milk and we shake up. In an ice-cream bowl (vase) we put a half of ice cream and a half of berry weight. It is ready! Instead of condensed milk it is possible to use cream, yogurt or kefir. Try!

Excellent drink from yogurt and a melon will perfectly refresh Summer drink with

in hot weather. 0,5 kg of a melon, 1 tablespoon of yogurt, 2 tablespoons of ice cream, 2 tablespoons of cream will be necessary for it (or milk).

We mix all ingredients in the blender, we spill on glasses. It is possible to add some liqueur and mint, and instead of a melon to use other fruit or berries. Apple baked pudding

we Take

6 large apples, 3 eggs, 100 g of granulated sugar, 500 g of sour cream, 30 g of butter.

We clean apples, we cut on pieces, we cook within 5 minutes in a pan, having added 1 glass of water. We merge water. In a bowl we mix sugar and eggs. Well we shake up. We add sour cream and apples. We display in the forms oiled. We bake within 20 minutes. We take out from a form. We give with sour cream or without.

the Royal cheese cake

the Royal cheese cake with cottage cheese - the recipe really remarkable, worthy admiration and repeated preparation! I will share with you the recipe of my mother.

Ingredients for a royal cheese cake with cottage cheese...


- flour - 2 glasses;

- butter - 100 g;

- sugar - 1 table. l.;

- baking soda and salt - on a pinch.


- cottage cheese - 0,5 kg;

- eggs - 4 - 5 pieces;

- sugar - 1 glass;

- raisin, vanilla sugar - at will.

We prepare a sand crumb: we pound flour, the softened oil, soda, salt and a spoon of sugar hands.

We prepare a stuffing for a royal cheese cake: cottage cheese is kneaded by hands, we add sugar, eggs and we mix. If you love raisin and aroma of vanilla, it is possible to add a handful of raisin and a bag of vanilla sugar.

We oil a form for roasting. We pour out a half of a crumb on a form bottom and it is evenly leveled. Then we pour out all stuffing and also we level. Let does not confuse you that the stuffing seems thinnish. The crumb will balance this feature, and the cheese cake will be juicy. But nevertheless, if cottage cheese very damp, and the form is not absolutely tight, the stuffing can follow slightly. Therefore put a form not just on a lattice in an oven, and on a baking sheet. From above stuffings we pour the second half of a crumb and we distribute evenly.

We put pie in a warm oven. We bake a royal cheese cake at 180 C about 45 - 50 minutes - until the top becomes golden. To a ready cheese cake we allow to cool down a little in shape. It is possible to give with sour cream or jam.

Melon salad

I finally - the interesting recipe of the refreshing salad from a melon.


- a dynka;

- a mint branch;

- a lemon or orange;

- honey or sugar to taste.

To wash out mint, to rinse a lemon and a melon. A melon to cut and clear of sunflower seeds. It is better to take more largely that it was easier to cut out from pulp balls a spoon, as for ice cream. We spread melon balls in transparent ice-cream bowls - in such salad will be not only tasty, but also effective. From above we put mint leaflets, we water with juice of a lemon or orange, we add honey or sugar to taste. It is ready! It is possible to give.

The summer rushed also to us into kitchens, it joyfully manages there, inducing hostesses to prepare colourful, fragrant, vitamin summer dishes. Experiment, enjoy! Bon appetit!