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How to find the dance?

in what we are engaged, choose us. Dances choose us too. They will never join someone`s life. Not because the person is not artistic, is not plastic or not sotsialen. At all not, it is simple not it. Perhaps will touch with an edge it, but will not take as captures some.

What dances we dance, depends both on our character and on need to fill some emptiness, to add what is not enough for us in life. There is not enough feeling of the feminity, confidence in it and desire to feel the sexy woman - and uncontrollably pulls us to take oriental dances.

Depends also on the feeling. I will not take oriental dances because east beauties - not my ideal of the woman. Or rather, not so. Does not live such in me. And here the flamenco is closer to me. Because the feeling of the passionate southern beauty, strong and independent woman, not always is close for me to lonely. Independence and loneliness are not birds of one flight.

The tango, on my supervision, is chosen by people who passionately want communication, are eager for it, but at the same time the distance is necessary for them. Observe for dancing a tango. On the one hand - very close contact, eroticism, but Eyes. There is no contact by eyes, the eye is turned in a floor. I want and do not wish. I am eager and reject. Barefaced sexuality and aspiration to hide a look. Unity and conflict of opposites. Dance for the same inconsistent natures. Seeking to subdue another the freedom and sexuality and afraid to tell about the feelings. A free body and the held-down soul. Or for those who according to old movies are subdued by plasticity of dance dreams to appear when girls with short hairstyles reigned and it is emphasized with a fragile boyish figure.

A Latina - it is bright, hot, sexually, liberated. And it seems - begin to dance, and instantly it will appear on the solar coast of the shining ocean. Dance of passion, but not deep, but easy, flirting, superficial. Dance of a body, but do not smother, unlike a flamenco.

The fate is N - a beater and dances 60 - x - 70 - x. Fine, you feel the improbable drive, an opportunity easily and gracefully to turn mountains. For me - not for every day. But - very much is even suitable for in what there lives the child, laughs, rejoices.

Ballroom dances are quite often chosen by esthetes, and also those which want rules and reach for contact with other people.

Classical dance or the ballet - for those who need structure, a support, on the same internal structure. They are exacting, they need purity of lines and need to overcome themselves, expansion of the opportunities. It not 5 years when you are alienated on dances, and you do not know that there are other things on which it is not necessary to work so diligent. At conscious age to choose occupations as classical dance - it is valid overcoming, desire to prove to itself and somewhere another. To throw down a challenge - to the already serious flexibility, imperfection of a body, to overcome pain and inconvenience and to rise on pointes, attraction force - and to fly up.

The jazz - a modernist style or a modernist style When there is a wish, having taken experience of classical dance, to depart from rules. To realize experience value, to understand that it is possible to depart on a step from rules and not on one. Understanding the value of this freedom and readiness to drink it on a draft, savouring each perfected movement, intentionally breaking it, bending, overturning concepts about beauty and perfection.

Indian and in general ethno. It something mysterious. India dances of temple dancers. And someone very much wants to be acquainted with this ancient culture, to feel it as part, let through dance. Here it is possible to carry and traybl. Beautifully, but not mine. It is too much rules and rituals.

I do not love the rule, I prefer to establish them, or to adapt. But with the samovar. Native - it is somehow closer, on it it is already possible and to layer. Therefore I choose the free movement and improvisation.

Improvisation is a mood. Present. Here and now. Emotions, real, but not played. My feelings. And if I want to bare the feelings slightly more, I will not choose tools. I will not choose style. It happens by itself. Somewhere can slip elements fate - N - a beater, somewhere Latinas, and somewhere - even a tango. Or in general anything from this. But only what is created here and now. Improvisation - very live. Something clicked, there was a new feeling, and the new pattern of the dance is already created.

I cannot but mention contact improvisation. Here where the real performances are played. Stories of relationship. Very live, sincere in which it is possible to see echoes of the lived stories of participants of action.