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Why peonies do not blossom?

Peonies - favourites of a flower bed at the end of spring and the beginning of summer, and are very offensive if in tsvetonosa instead of buds - baby`s dummies. And sometimes and flowers are, but they small and on their bush it is not enough. It does not please too. How to grow up flowers, but not just big bushes with large leaves?

When I only began to be engaged in cultivation of peonies, made many mistakes, but was also searches of their correction not less. Happened, at all neighbors magnificent fragrant buds will already fade, and I everything wait for the flowers. What to wait for? Decided to work.

Began with inspection of conditions of cultivation of plants and was not mistaken. Now, when there is a blossoming result, want to tell about the reasons of barren flowers in tsvetonosa of peonies.

First of all, I understood that:

peonies Grow in a dense shadow of a garden at me though I know, as they transfer a soil overheat badly.

From excess of moisture at many bushes roots because I tried to give to drink more them began to rot and watered several times a day.

When landing forgot to carry out disinfection, and it led to a disease of some of korneklubny gray decay. Now at the next reproduction surely I water the place of landing with potassium permanganate solution - 2 - 3 g on a ten-liter bucket of water. This volume is enough for 10 - 12 bushes. In the early spring I strew the soil around bushes with wood ashes. At us there is always a lot of it after a bathing season. It is possible to take ashes from a brazier or a fireplace. Usually I stock up with ashes in advance and I store it in the dry place in a big paper package.

Note : after entering of ashes into the soil I powder it from above a little with the garden earth or humus that watering and rains did not wash away fertilizer.

Incorrectly cut off stalks. I cut off them at the roots. Perhaps, from - for it was also not enough for food bushes for formation of flower kidneys. It is known that in stalks, as well as in rhizomes, nutrients collect. If to do so every year, then the bush can just die “of hunger“. Now I cut off stalks late fall and I leave about 15 cm over soil level. In the spring I smooth out them, making room to young sprouts.

Some more councils in order that flowers of peonies were pleasing to the eye, and care of them was a burden not.

1. Top dressing. In them phosphorus and potassium have to prevail. - it is a little less nitrogen. I try to introduce fertilizer in 2 weeks prior to blossoming when the buds which already strongly bulked up, and through the same time I fertilize after blossoming. It is known that bone meal, wood ashes and mineral fertilizers - the best top dressing for peonies. They are quite available.

2. Fight against lateral buds.

it grieves b to delete them always, but these buds take away forces from larger flowers.

I remind: if to remove lateral buds, other flowers will be larger, but then the bush will blossom on time less. Both it is pleasant to whom, and do.

3. In a year of landing peonies blossom very seldom. But if it I happen, try to cut off tsvetonosa that the bush got stronger. Normal blossoming usually happens for 2 - 3.

Actually peonies demand not and a lot of time for leaving, but in the spring immensely please with plentiful blossoming and unique aroma.