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What is a copywriting? Business or side job?

In this article will be a question of such type of earnings as a copywriting which becomes more and more popular. I want to consider it from the parties of its perspective development, namely to prove that writing articles for the websites can bring very much even quite good money! How? Let`s understand!
is A little about itself!
My name is Drozdov Roman! I am a copywriter with an experience more than 5 - ti years, I met a set of various reefs which it was succeeded to bypass and move on the way to excellent result. I began the activity as the author of articles, still being a student, incidentally came across article devoted to a copywriting. Information interested me especially as on Russian there was a firm four. Also began Uncertainty Chagrin Panic Pleasure!!! As everything began
? I Will begin
with the fact that my work took the start from the little-known exchange where I absolutely incidentally received the big order. It was shock because about work as the copywriter I knew only figurative, but did not begin to refuse and began work. The first articles were given by back-breaking toil, but the client got sympathetic for what I want to express it huge gratitude though now I do not work with it. Finally I wrote this the huge, in my opinion, number of articles, as pushed me to further development. There is also a wish to note that began to work at the price of 30 rubles for 1000 signs, and below never fell and if to look at today`s prices at which beginners write then they just strike me - 15 - 20 rubles for one thousand. For me it is wildness!
the Way of development from the beginner to the skilled author!
Here it. Further I became the participant of many known exchanges at which got the experience, and articles written by me a huge number. I began not only to sit and wait for new orders for which struggled with other authors, but also found an excellent way of search of clients without intermediaries that helped to begin more fruitful and productive work. There were many orders, but tried to manage to write everything. Of course, did not do also without various problems up to that some clients just threw on money. But over time experience and in the this case came, I could distinguish, at the first stages of communication, the conscientious client from the fan of a freebie. Here then - that I felt all gravity in this field of activity.
What I have now? more than 5 Passed
- ti years since the beginning of my work in the sphere of a copywriting. For today I have a large number of regular customers. Besides, I decided to create studio of a copywriting and to make skilled team of authors who will be employed. The beginning of development of own project showed what seeks to eat to what therefore I with this thought live several months.
What plans?
On the future the plan one - to create full-fledged studio where those for whom qualitative texts in the minimum terms are necessary will address.
at the end of my small history from life, I would like to tell that the Internet - great force, and it gives us huge opportunities which will help to become richer and more successful. To all copywriters - beginners I advise to be more responsible and to develop constantly to achieve excellent results. the Purpose of writing of article
When I wrote
this publication, I did not pursue any commercial purposes. I just want to share what I could reach itself, by own efforts!