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The Internet - our everything?

the Internet is many-sided and omnivorous. Having started at the beginning of 1990 - x years, it got everywhere and entangled the feelers almost all corners of our planet. The accelerating life demanded introduction of such outstanding invention what the Internet is. In this article in brief it will be told only about the RuNet.

Official birthday of the Russian-speaking Internet - the RuNet (this term as it is considered, R. Aslanbekov thought up), is on April 7, 1994. This day the international organization ICANN registered the national domain of the top level - RU. From this day Russia became the full member of Worldwide Network. In popularity the ru domain is on the sixth place among users of all Internet now.

The first website (which exists and until now) registered in the RuNet carried quite prosaic name - www. 1 - 9 - 9 - 4. ru. The quantity of the websites on open spaces of the RuNet grows with an enormous speed (more than one thousand a day), and now makes about 4 million 200 thousand. And the number of the Russian users plowing immense open spaces of Worldwide Network reads off scale for 70 million people. The Internet develops with great strides, and it is not surprising if we see the baby sitting at the monitor with a computer mouse in hands soon.

In September, 1996 in the RuNet there was the first domestic search engine - Rambler. And exactly in a year, in 1997 - the m, started other search resource - Yandex which is the leader in the Russian search market now (and the third in the world). In October, 1998 the Internet - the Mail corporation opened the first mail service, having suggested any user to get a free electronic box. After a while, having come round, the post services began to offer also others the Internet - the companies.

Rough rates in the RuNet the Internet - trade develops. The first successful Internet - shop opened in August, 1996. Now similar online - shops in the RuNet more than 30 thousand. The palm is held here by the OZON company. It is pleasant to stay at home and one click of a mouse to order any goods if only only not to get into networks a phishing - the website. Alas, the cybercrime develops in accelerated tempo too. But for this purpose and “Trojan“ in a network that the antivirus did not doze. Many are exasperated also by importunate spam. But, as they say: “Eh, the Internet, I would love you if not viruses and spams“.

One say that the Internet is a well of information, others - that a garbage dump. Average data specify that only about 10% of the websites contain useful information. Perhaps, it and so. But it is worth to remember that most of people are not able to issue newspapers or magazines, or to contain the large websites. And therefore many bring the Internet - a page just to share the thoughts and creativity with adherents. For example, the chess sites are visited by a small amount, generally fans of this game. I do not speak about kaktusovod of which it is even less. And for someone it is useful and necessary information too. So from this point of view - not such the Internet and “garbage“.

But, certainly, the social services “Schoolmates“ and “VKontakte“ started in 2006 which number of users is estimated in tens of millions of people enjoy wide popularity. Also large audience have also full daily the Internet - editions (the first of them appeared in 1998 - “Gazeta. ru“) who become strong contenders to paper editions.

In ten years after creation of the RuNet the prestigious “Award of the RuNet“ was founded. The first rewarding took place in November, 2004. The award was got in various nominations 19 the Internet - the companies. The award represents a bronze figurine of 43 cm in size and weighing about 5 kg, covered with gold in the form of the Ancient Greek architectural column topped with the volume letters RU.

Happy birthday, Runet-users! We wish that in search engines in the top ten information necessary to you always came across, and the spiteful virus, on the contrary - never met.