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How to sell bikini in Antarctica?

the Main task of a course on business and Tina Silig`s innovations, the teacher Stanford and the author of the book “Make Yourself“ - to show to students that for any problem it is necessary to look for the creative decision.

Sometimes people reject ideas because they cannot see their value or because they do not have time for their careful studying. But often these otrinuty ideas are quite promising.

To show, “as it works“, Tina Silig gives to students such exercise.

the Group breaks into small teams, each of which has to think up the best and worst idea for the solution of a task. Having finished work, teams write down each of the ideas on a single sheet of paper: on one of them it is written “Best“, and on another - “Worst“. Then leaves with the best ideas are destroyed, and each team receives a leaf with the worst ideas of other team. After that they are given a task to turn this idea into fine.

Having attentively looked at new ideas, participants usually understand that they are not so bad. Moreover, often these ideas seem to them just excellent. Usually in several seconds after the beginning of work someone loudly speaks: “Ooh and same excellent idea!“

When the speech comes about the worst business - ideas, the imagination of participants knows no limit. One group suggested to sell bikini in Antarctica, another decided to open restaurant at which sushi from cockroaches are served, and the third suggested to found the museum of heart attacks. In each of these cases bad ideas were anyway transformed in interesting and deserving close attention.

For example, the group which got idea about sale of bikini in Antarctica, thought up the slogan “Bikini or Death“. Their new idea consisted in sending the people wishing to shape up, to travel across Antarctic. By the end of heavy travel they could get into bikini of the smaller size.

The group which needed to improve idea of sushi from cockroaches made the proposal of opening for the audience inclined to gastronomic adventures, restaurant under the name “Kukaracha“ in which different types of the exotic sushi cooked from nonconventional, but at the same time nutritious ingredients would move.

The participants working with idea of the museum of heart attacks used it as a starting point for creation of the museum devoted to health protection and preventive medicine. Each of groups could think up convincing names, slogans and commercials for the projects.

This exercise - an excellent opportunity to open the reason for the solution of problems. It shows that the majority of ideas which can seem first silly often contain interesting grain. It helps to throw down a challenge to assumptions that ideas are initially good or bad, and shows that at the correct condition of mind you can find something valuable in any idea or a situation. For example, even if you will also not organize a trip to Antarctic under the slogan “Bikini or Death“, it can become the interesting initial point for development of the ideas more applicable in practice.

Interested experiment? It is more than exercises - in Tina Silig`s book “Make yourself“.