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How to improve life? Five steps to a steering wheel.

Rate of our life grow every day, and hours in days still twenty four. How to escape from the cycle “earn-to spend“ and to feel taste of life? Where to find time for pleasure of life already today? And the main thing, what five decisions will help you to prolong happy “life“ for about ten years.

Asking a question popular now how to improve the life , we first of all hear: “Be kind and go to the gym“. Leave off smoking, to ache, drink coffee in the mornings and to be online. And yes, save money. Universal council!

Only, as a rule, one desire of changes appears a little. And there is enough enthusiasm for one or two weeks at best. Then, life returns to habitual normal. So we pass still a quantity of invaluable days, and even weeks.

A secret of full life that to it it is necessary to come too. It should be experienced and chosen. And approach can be only individual here. And here recommendations as to make it - the general. Begin with what will be pleasant or try everything. Anyway each of the described ideas will bring you forces and inspiration.

1. Morning walks.

Ideally, you near the house have a public garden or park. Well or district just pleasant to an eye. As if terribly it did not sound, but having woken up in the morning for only 30 minutes earlier, you can increase the day by two - three hours of useful time.

During morning walk, it is important to go silently and at comfortable speed. Remember that you carry out exercise as a hobby and bodies. Being alone with itself, observe a breath rhythm. Thereby you will balance energy. And also disperse a blood-groove and you will warm up muscles. What will bring, new forces and will open the hidden reserves.

Use morning walk as “planning meeting“ with yourself. Consider the future day and mentally live the ideal days. Devote the last ten minutes to contemplation and try to stop mental dialogue. Or just listen to good music in a player.

2. Contrast shower.

Yes, we will address sources and backgrounds. From time immemorial our ancestors dived from a bath into an ice-hole and were famous for excellent health. A hardening and rejuvenation, clarification of an organism and strengthening of nervous system - here the incomplete list of useful results of this procedure.

The contrast shower not just causes “heavy advantage“ to an organism, but also strengthens spirit. Gives an impressive reason to be proud of the diligence on the way to the better life. Besides, our body in many respects forms emotions, giving signals necessary to a brain.

3. Care about health.

Health of the person initially does not need doctors, but requires care and attention. This simple truth needs to be written on all columns presently. And it is better, on browser homepages.

A minimum of times a year (it is better two) it is useful to complete a massage course. To feel the body updated, will be ten sessions enough. And here you will have enough results of procedure for several months. Remember that the strong and healthy back gives feeling of confidence.

Systemically accept vitamins. Esteem, consult to the familiar doctor. Learn in what season of what is not enough for an organism. So you will be able to provide yourself with really necessary and useful substances. Support work of internals and prolong youth.

4. Plan rest as work.

That is do not wait for Friday to learn whether there will be forces on a visit of theater. You will pull - will not remain. And opportunities can not be. Just plan actions for the next days off. And surely make conceived. As if it is your working duty. Then will not be temptation to lie these two hours in front of the TV.

Sate the life with events and spaces. Cancel dullness and include on a small adventure in each day. Let it will be half an hour of communication with the acquaintance, but not simple lunch having a snack. The Olympic Games according to the solution of puzzles with the child instead of evening series.

5. Fifteen minutes of “lotus“ before going to bed.

secret of improvement of the life Last for today. Every evening you sum up the results of day. Sit down on a chair with a direct back or in the well-known pose of a lotus. Relax muscles, you breathe exactly and deeply. Try to sit not movably. Without hurrying, count mentally to hundred. See last day in the form of a dream, without getting stuck on details.

Surely allocate the pleasant moments. Even if not considerable at first sight. Add them brightness and put in memory “moneybox“. So, doing this exercise only a week, you will collect a wonderful collection of little internal assistants. And on the way to the big purposes, they will support you in difficult moments.

These recommendations are checked by a huge number of people. And for anybody did not pass completely. Starting with small and simple, you will easily join a new rhythm. You will find forces for big changes and you will understand where to head. And having got used to feel the body, it will be far easier for you to refuse addictions.

There will pass not enough time and you are surprised how life changed. As far as it became happier, brighter and more conscious. The ship ceased to go down stream and found the captain.

Good luck to you in swimming!