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Bekhterev`s illness. Sentence or... there is a hope?

When made to my cousin this diagnosis, everything it became terrible … All were in despair, doctors unanimously told - the forecast is sad. At once I will tell the final of this sad story - the illness receded, now, twenty years later, this is the man radiating with health, it has already two grandsons, and those who are not aware, will not believe for anything that once it was on the verge of death.

So it it, Bekhterev`s illness, than it is terrible and whether it is possible to recover from it?

Bekhterev`s illness - the rheumatic disease which affects motive system first of all under blow gets a backbone which as a result completely stiffens. Also other joints and body organs can be surprised (generally it and occurs). Nikolay Ostrovsky, the author of the book “As Steel Became Tempered“ died of this disease, such celebrated personalities as the chess player Vladimir Kramnik suffered from it, the billionaire Aristotle Onassis, the Czech writer Carel Capek …

the Russian neuropathologist Nikolay Bekhterev was not a pioneer of this illness, suffered from it, actually, and thousands years ago, the description of symptoms remained in the chronicles connected with life of Pharaohs. Nobody can call the exact reason that the surname and the truth of the talented and famous scientist was enshrined in the name today, and it too, in principle, is not so important. Anyway Nikolay Bekhterev brought an invaluable contribution to studying of this dreadful disease, having released the scientific work with the description of its symptoms. Much more important another: whether there is a risk group and whether it is possible to recover completely?

This illness does not know any borders, with it any person, irrespective of existence of money, a way of life and a state of health can get sick. However it and not absolutely so.

the First: Bekhterev`s diseases are subject much more often than the man. Scientists connect it with existence of a certain gene which carrier are only males.

the Second: it is an illness of young people, the vast majority of the diseased - men aged from twenty till thirty five years.

And the most dangerous: the gene is descended that is if in a sort there were already cases of this misfortune, it is necessary to be careful of it to all men in the subsequent generations. Ankiloziruyushchy spondiloartrit

(the scientific Russian name) often at an initial stage confuse to banal osteochondrosis or arthritis. And here it is necessary to mention the main difference in symptoms : this illness has an effect backbone and joints pains at rest, that is the diseased feels pain in the morning, after a dream, or after long rest lying.

Bekhterev`s illness, unfortunately, still belongs to almost incurable … However if it is revealed at an early stage, there is a hope that it is possible to take measures, to pass treatment and to keep rather good shape of health. At the very beginning of this illness there is an absolute way to reveal it is magnitno - a resonant tomography. Alas, it is available to not everyone and nobody runs at once to do this exotic procedure at back pains...

Really there is no rescue, you ask? God forbid to someone to ache with it, but if all - it occurred and the diagnosis is made where to run and what to do?

I ask not to regard at all what you will read below, for advertizing especially as the doctor who rescued twenty years ago my brother, will not several years … Now I will not be able precisely to tell which of acquaintances or doctors mentioned the magic word “Kobelyaki“. Mine the uncle and the aunt lived in Ukraine therefore it was easy to reach the small town in Poltava region by it. There at that time lived and was engaged in treatment of various diseases oporno - the motive device the doctor, the wizard and just good person Nikolay Andreevich Kasyan. The wizard he is still called by my brother, as well as many thousands and thousands of people whom he rescued.

A hereditary manual - the bone-setter who disinterestedly devoted all the life to rescue of people when other doctors fatefully made a helpless gesture - it will be always remembered by those whom it returned to full-fledged life, often just saved from death. Disinterestedly it treated everything, I assure you. Mine the aunt and the uncle speak: it had no obligatory payment and when it only began to treat, took from grateful patients only … bread!

The recovered patients and those who hoped for a treatment miracle by itself, wanted to thank the magician, and donations were accepted subsequently, but all money went for development of the Center of manual therapy. Nikolay Andreevich sometimes came to Moscow and accepted patients and there almost round the clock, but generally he conducted reception of patients in the family Kobelyakakh. In total it cured more than 40 000 people, it is even recorded in the Guinness Book of Records!

… Doctor Kasyan died in 2009, the Center of manual therapy bearing his name and successfully functions today, patients are accepted by the son, Jan Kasyan. After Nikolay Andreevich`s death there was a huge number of his “pupils“ who, being covered with his name, take considerable money, in advance dooming addressed them on the sad end.

Rescue all of us the Lord from any diseases including from this, but you remember - it is always necessary to show consideration for the health. The earlier the disease is revealed, the it is more than chances that you will live long and will not become the disabled person. I want to wish all long years of happy and healthy life, never despair if you are attentive to yourself and to the relatives - there is always a chance!