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11 facts about backup of

A few years ago users of the website of social news of Reddit suggested to make date on March 31 in the international afternoon of backup. The offer was reasoned with the fact that never in advance it is impossible to learn what surprises it will give on April 1 therefore in the last day of March it is worth securing itself and the data, having made the next backup copy of own files. The initiative quickly gained steam, and soon the world wide web began to celebrate the international day of a backup to which even the separate website is devoted.

Usually all articles about a backup have applied character - comparison of a funkitsonalnost of different methods or software that only aggravates opinion among ordinary users. that the backup is something difficult from the world of programmers. Actually backup stopped being something ultraboundary for a long time, the backup is necessary to all!

• In the research WD conducted last year, 18% of users noted that the hard drive and files which are stored on it are the most valuable property in their house. At the same time about a thirds more of users consider the data “invaluable“. 31% of men and 49% of women have no clear idea that such backup and as to do it.

• One of schemes of rotation of carriers at backup poetically is called “The Hanoi tower“. Each set is intended for week copying, as in the scheme of simple rotation, but without withdrawal of full copies. In other words, the separate set turns on the carrier with the full week copy and carriers with daily incremental (differential) copies. The scheme of rotation “The Hanoi tower“ leans on an old mathematical puzzle about three pegs and several disks of different diameter. In the beginning all disks are put on accurately the first peg, each overlying disk on diameter is slightly less than underlying. The task consists in that to move all disks on other peg, and for time it is possible to move only one disk and a bigger disk it is impossible to place over smaller.

• One of the frequent reasons of loss of files - force majeure circumstances. In the centers for recovery of data quite often bring laptops - “drowned men“ after sea tour. Damage or removal of files from - for mistakes are also widespread at start of utilities and virus attacks.

• The quote “At my work the scariest phrase it: “Children, for what date we have a database backup?“ gathered more than 8500 pluses on bash. org.

• The most convenient way of creation of backup copies for the house is use of the additional hard drive and special ON. Most of producers of external stores complete the devices with such programs, for example, together with the store My Passport from WD the program of automatic backup WD Smartware which once is required to adjust (having chosen that needs to be copied) is offered to users and after the first preservation all new and changed files will be automatically saved.

• Among special ON for a backup there are decisions paid and free, one of the most known around the world - a product of the domestic company Acronis. The quite good list of programs for backup can be found in Wikipedia.

• According to the research EMC, the Russian companies less all are inclined to store copies of backups outside the organization - 67%. The highest rate in this parameter in Great Britain - 89%. From the same in Russia at whom such copies are available, stored they in 25% of cases of the house at employees. In other European countries of the house of employees as storage of backups choose only from 6% to 11% of the companies having copies out of the organization.

• Though in OC Windows function of backup of files - WindowsBackup - is available already for a long time, but her very few users use (according to Microsoft no more than 5% of total of Windows - users).

• Every year more and more data are stored on smartphones and tablets. And if iPhone by default does a backup of everyone and everything in iTunes, then when changing phone with Android - the decision, there can be problems with data migration. At the end of February of HTC released the program for the solution of such problem, the new HTC Sync Manager version provides the maximum convenience of data migration from a backup - files of iPhone in the device from HTC.

• Lack of an actual backup copy became the reason of closing such projects as the forum Britboard. ru (The main shelter of the Russian anglomen of the beginning of zero) and loss of personal data at owners of the Sidekick smartphones by the companies T - Mobile and Danger in 2009

• The Federal Tax Service considers that damage of the Unified State Automated Information System base (the state automated monitoring system of a turnover of alcohol) from - for lack of a backup copy, is a reason for a response at shop of the license necessary for trade in alcoholic drinks.