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How after the plane to put ears in order?

At plane landing pressure increase. Healthy people can not notice changes while chilled feel severe pain in ears. From - for hypostasis the Eustachian tube is blocked, and pressure cannot be leveled.

of the Stewardess is advised to swallow. To take a sour candy which will cause a salivation and a sglatyvaniye. For the kid - a small bottle with drink.

One more council - to yawn. Once the cheerful tolstenky man, seeing unsuccessful attempts of mother to calm the overstraining child, began to stretch and yawn expressively with such loud howling that the child forgot about own pain and stared at the odd fellow. And yawning - a thing infectious, all also razzevatsya soon, despite the drunk coffee. Yawned to got down, and the child, yawning too, smiled.

And here still picture: the person keeps in readiness on a nausea case a pink package. Teenagers choke with a row with laughter. Even reddened. Having received the remark about tactlessness, began to explain that at all they do not laugh. If to close a nose and a mouth and to try to exhale, ear pain passes. Well, correctly. This method even has a name - “Valsalva`s method“. It was remembered because lions of a waltz, the waltzing secular lions were presented.

Among gone out of the plane it is possible to see the cheerful students beating themselves ears and even jumping on one leg with a little finger in an ear as it is done sometimes in the pool. Feelings - that similar. And not students try to do something with ears. For example, to press on a trestle.

If the size of fingers allows, it is possible to implant fingers into ears and to move quickly them as if you press and take out plugs. To limit amplitude of movements, it is possible, having implanted forefingers into ears, to their second phalanxes to press down thumbs of a lobe of ears. The serious massage useful turns out it is independent whether ears are stuffed up. One more useful massage is a twisting of auricles. Ears become red - red. The fast scolding of ears met in childish sports. It was putting on of a space suit before sending to space. Well pro-massive ears indeed give unearthly feelings. With them it is possible to forget about discomfort if it arises when flying.

As a rule, chilled it is offered for an hour and a half before landing to dig vasoconstrictive preparations in a nose. But whether it is better to wash out a nose cool water? On the plane always give salt and glasses with drinks so it is possible to prepare isotonic or slightly hypertensive solution. It is possible not to suffer with calculation of grams and just to make water salty, but not too. Waters on a collum plus a standard bag of salt to pobultykhat, taste and correct a little concentration at desire. To bring a glass to a nose and to slowly involve liquid in itself. Napkins let will be on call.

The plane begins to decrease minutes for forty to landing. For alignment of pressure it is advisable to open a mouth, and to insert earphones into ears - droplets or earplugs. The look turns out a little silly. If to it to add yawning, a language pulling to a chin, a derganiye of for ears, “blowing off“ with the stopped-up nose, rotation by the head, a sglatyvaniye of saliva and other saving actions, then hilariously ridiculous pantomime can turn out. People serious and solid cannot afford it therefore they on planes suffer more often, than others. With it, perhaps, supervision is connected that in forward part of the plane (business - a class) flight is transferred more difficultly, than in average and tail (the house-keeper - a class). Singing and laughing “tail“ in sour candies, Draminakh and Tserukalakh does not need.