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How to achieve perfection in the steepness of eggs? We prepare creatively

Even the person, most inexperienced in cookery, will object: that - that, and I am able to make hard boiled eggs. What it is simpler than - lowered in water and cook 10 minutes. Differently will cook.

On the contrary. Egg was always represented by a certain mystical, sacral phenomenon in a formation of myths of all people thanks to two-unity of its contents: egg white and yolk, the yin and Yan, two in one … From - for what in egg is connected “two in one“ it is difficult for

to achieve ideal quality of both components. What well to protein, is bad for a yolk - and vice versa. the Choice we Will begin


with the choice of eggs for hard-boiled cooking. Never take svezhesnesenny eggs, use old. When “aging“ egg occurs usykhany its contents and the air pocket is formed. In old this pocket between a shell and contents of the bigger size. At the correct cooking air will come out a pocket through a shell in the natural way and “will not blow up“ egg from within. (Observe as beautifully it expires from a shell the smallest bubbles, let`s children look as egg “breathes“).
How old have to be eggs: as fresh are considered today`s, and old 3 - 5 - day. And only this way. All others, what is more senior, just yolky. They are yet not rotten, but already …
(I know, I know! I am silent …)

A how to check for freshness? Lowering in water. Fresh egg will lay down on a bottom (it has no air pocket yet, it does not displace the center of gravity towards the heavy end), old egg will hang vertically (the heavy end down), and egg of “the third freshness“ will emerge. We do not love it. Cooking

we collect


of Egg not in a hen house, and in the refrigerator. It is impossible the cooled eggs in water at once. It is impossible. They need to be brought to room temperature. How? You want - get since evening. You want - place at first in water of room temperature, then in slightly warmed up. Madam Molokhovets advised in this water to rummage and accurately to puncture each egg with a thin needle from the stupid party to let out the air even before cooking. For what? And that our hard-boiled egg had no defective failure on the place of an air hole from a bagel after cooking and that ideal ovality of a product was not broken. Agree, ideally oval egg is somehow more pleasant pokotsanny.

I since the childhood did not love an oval
Ya since the childhood the corner drew...

your Business: you want prick, you want - you cook so. But that egg did not burst when cooking, water it is necessary to add some salt and drip vinegar. We put eggs only in cold water and only one layer in without dense contact by the parties. Do not feel sorry for water. Let to eggs it will be spacious.

At high temperature of boiling vials of boiled water will force jump eggs on a pan bottom. And we need the whole shell. Therefore we boil in the moderate mode that nothing jumped. Besides, the overheat and long boiling “cements“ a protein protein, doing it rubber. Faugh! The yolk at high temperature from - for difficult chemical transformations forms unpleasant, smelling of hydrogen sulfide (we will not be afraid of this word - rotten eggs!) green cover. Faugh! Therefore the main thing governed when cooking hard boiled eggs - not to overheat. Steaming

A be convinced by

now that you were not able to cook eggs since you boiled down them all put 10 minutes in boiled water. And it was necessary what? And it was necessary to wait for water boiling, to switch off a plate, to close a cover and to leave domlevat eggs in hot water of 15 minutes. (For soft-boiled eggs there are enough six minutes.) By keeping of eggs in the cooling-down boiled water the ideal mode for achievement of flavoring balance of both components of egg is created. Without uniform faugh.

After that it is necessary to transfer a perfolozhka eggs to ice water that they were easily and beautifully cleaned. What is going on? Ice water creates steam in hot egg that allows a sticky membrane to come unstuck from a body of egg and to be stuck to a peel cover. Having kept minutes of the 10th egg in water with ice (ice can be filled up in process of water heating), you egg on all area is easy for “obtyukivayeta“ and driving of it a palm on a table gracefully you release entirely egg from a peel.

For the future the prepared peeled eggs are stored in the refrigerator in cold water (water needs to be changed periodically) for up to a week. Thrifty hostesses can stock up for the future with krutyashka in a deep freeze. Frozen hard-boiled eggs of the quality do not lose - the same 70 calories and a valuable protein.

Here so it is necessary to cook hard boiled eggs correctly. And it would be possible to put the end to it. But the matter is that this way everything is not absolutely ideal and perfect. So forget everything that from above and let`s try to obtain the steepness in more perfect ways.


Roasting in a hard-boiled oven. This way is almost ideal. In what its counter? Gradual heating, ideal propekaniye, absence of risk of cracking and zero headache: included on the timer - forgot.
Krom of this, on big celebrations is necessary for you many hard-boiled eggs. (One to Olivier will go, others to the Fur coat, the third to the Mimosa. To decorate a jelly, aspic. Here Easter rises).

When cooking we have no right to cook a large number of eggs in one pan - it will not give the uniform temperature of cooking. Preparation by one layer will demand many pans and a lot of time. Therefore we bake eggs in an oven. Conveniently.

We display eggs of room temperature on an oven lattice. We include by 130 - 140 degrees. Time of roasting of 30 minutes. Further according to the scheme - cold water, ice. Voila.

And now forget also this way. Let`s study the most advanced: hard boiled eggs in a microwave.

the Microwave

Here what should be considered? The ware for preparation of krutyashka of a dolzh to be microwave, special. We expose a plate on the half power (the average mode). We fill in eggs with two volumes of cold water (if tips of eggs stick out, eggs will burst), we close capacity a plastic foil. We cover from above with a plate without gaps. We include for 8 - 9 minutes. We expose from a plate, we leave in water under a plate for 20 minutes. Further according to the scheme - water, ice.

You can just zakipyatit egg in a microwave. And further to leave it “to reach“ simply in water. In a sack with a secret Hard-boiled egg it is not obligatory for

to cook

in a shell. Children especially love “bald“ eggs. Eggs “in a sack“ can be made in the same way in boiled water, in an oven, in a microwave. The most cunning secret - as the curtain fell:
easy and just to get crude egg from a shell and it is possible to move it to boiled water so: break egg in a pan. Take a plastic empty bottle. Squeeze it in hands, aim a neck at a yolk and release fingers - glug! Egg was entirely soaked up in a bottle. (Also separate a yolk from protein - be adjusted by a small bottle only on a yolk). Here such focus - pokus.

Stirring your boiled water around (so that in the center there was a voronochka), aim a bottle neck with egg at a funnel and squeeze fingers, continuing to disturb around. Quickly squeeze out egg in water. Having got to a voronochka, egg keeps an ideal round form. By the way, having salted water, you receive evenly added some salt egg.

Than “bag eggs“ are good? And any fuss with cleaning and preparation speed.

(Happen in trouble life - eggs fight. And what is muck to gather the broken egg with a floor. About focus with a small bottle do not forget.)

Cook, bake, weary, a mikrovolnuyta - the main thing that on advantage and on health!