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Whether trams are so terrible?

remove Trams from streets of the Russian cities. Usually answer the question “Why?“ that they rattle, slowly go and so on. And, above all - “trams hinder traffic“.

It looks so obvious that it is difficult not to agree. Undoubtedly, streets of our cities began not to be enough for all. And trams - together with the ways - take a lot of place on these streets.

And still in this simple answer some slyness seems. How trams hinder traffic if they - part of this movement? Whether water of a stream can disturb a current of a stream?

Traffic can be understood as set of all that it moves on some ways. And it has characteristics. Unlike the same stream, each of parts of traffic moves to the own destination. And unlike random motion though particles also meet on these ways, each of them after a meeting keeps the directions.

So, an integral part of traffic is laws of interaction of all participants of the movement. And these laws can be various. The society, the closer they to laws of fauna is more primitive. There weak always disturbs strong. And weak has to concede.

If the ratio of forces (statuses) of two concrete individuals is in advance unknown, right there is a duel for clarification of it. Inhabitants of mountains tell that when on a narrow track two goats meet, they butt until one falls in an abyss. Or both die, having grown weak. And if the goat and a goat meet - the last lays down. The goat passes directly on it. And everyone goes the own way.

Human society, developing, gradually left from it. More difficult rules were born. Sometimes opposite to initial. So, concede in our cultural tradition elderly, to women, patients. One - concedes to much (the majority rules). Concede carrying out an important issue or bearing a heavy burden.

In these rules noticeable to observe aspiration interests of society in general. Looking from their height, it is possible to get rid of examination who whom disturbs more.

In relation to traffic - it is necessary for society that there are as much as possible people and freights reached the destination as it is possible quicker. And with the smallest joint costs. And that at the same time not to lose humanity.

Therefore such phenomenon as public transport was born. And the tram is the bright representative of such transport. Rather slow, bulky, it meanwhile has advantages by traffic regulations.

Just because rather successfully solves the problem facing society. The tram transports many passengers with the minimum expenses quickly and keeping pure air. It was such always. But why the whole century it was supported, and now decided to be cleaned?

We will be told that the problem of traffic jams is so solved. But at what here the tram? Let`s try to argue logically. Quarter of the century back, the Russians going at the same time to work and back was several millions more. And trams in our cities there was more too. Therefore the biggest traffic jams would have to be then. But it not so. On the contrary, today trams clean, and traffic jams all grow.

And here with cars - dependence direct. When it was not enough of them, streets were more free. And the more than them now, the becomes closer in the cities. The logic speaks: remove though all trams, the problem will not be solved, and will be aggravated. Logically, it is necessary to reduce the number of cars.

But everything becomes just the opposite. This contradiction speaks very simply. The above-stated reasonings were carried out from a position of public logic. When we get into the car, other logic joins absolutely. Individual. We begin to argue on something proceeding from that, it is convenient to us or not.

And the last years individualism is cultivated at us very actively. So, it is possible to assume that the power is exercised by this type of thinking. Also it is precisely possible to tell that the ruling class is a community of motorists. It is possible to observe many signs that the car received considerable privileges in our country. At the same time continues to stir it still a lot of things.

Stirs in general any public transport. Whatever not bulky it was. As the bus or the trolleybus cannot approach a stop from - for the parked passenger cars, all saw, probably.

Pedestrians disturb. Because cars everywhere stand on sidewalks and crosswalks. Sometimes completely blocking them.

In the yards of houses stir them playgrounds, lawns, platforms for fire trucks etc. on all these places it is easy to find the parked car.

Here the speech already not just about violations of cultural traditions. Legal laws are often broken. And on almost absent punishability it is possible to draw a conclusion that the power legalized such order of things.

Of course, motorist too citizen. And the citizen has rights and freedoms. We already well understood this idea. But still badly understood that while the person lives in society, the personal liberty can extend only to some limits. So far it will not begin to restrain other citizens.

We do not want to understand that, having managed to pay automobile concern how many - that money, we get only a thing from iron and plastic. But we do not get that ten - another square meters of the territory of the city which this thing will occupy. Even very freedom-loving society suffers only to a certain limit. And then begins to set restrictions for motorists.

It is characteristic that democratic, strong societies begin to do by the first it. In the developed countries the public transport has real privileges before cars for a long time. In the same place actively the tram message develops.

At us, for example, the Mayor of Moscow read the new program of the solution of problems of spontaneous parkings. Are going to do it... construction of new parkings. That is to illegal parkings will add even more than lawful. Besides at the expense of something another. As a result the city will be able to contain still how many - that cars in addition. Whether it is necessary to say what will be result?

At first in this article it was planned to compare technical characteristics of the tram and motor transport. To compare efficiency. To note what silent, comfortable and fast there are trams. But it became gradually clear that a problem essence not in it.

Not in trams business. The tram is a symbol of public transport in general. And yet we have no understanding that it is more valuable to society, it is senseless to compare technical parameters. Faults will be found, and rails will be dug out.

Bigger to us understanding!