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The person from a prism. How to lose the face, but to find self-confidence?

Having stayed at School of Life as the reader and the author, I want to share some impressions how comment on articles and who can be made out behind comments. I want to warn that all coincidence to real events and persons is absolutely casual. But, where there`s smoke there is fire …

When the new author publishes the first work, naturally, that he worries, waits for responses to the opus, and very much worries if it begins to be criticized for any flaws in article. If this criticism is fair and stated in a friendly form, then the author should accept remarks with gratitude and not to repeat mistakes in the following publications. But, sometimes the author receives such comment on the article that after the first reading at it eyes “gather in a small group“. To it, the yellow-beaked beginner, it is not let know what the opponent meant, giving out long as machine gun fire, the review which has no relation to article subject. You do not hurry, dear authors, let`s understand that occurred.

Let`s say you wrote article why there are dark stains on the Sun. And suddenly on your article somebody wrote approximately following: “You or as usual are a small fry and have no sufficient information, or conceal that part which could frighten off and guard people. All know everything about the Sun. It is a power source and lives on the earth. Under its beams fotosintezirut plants, birdies drink their nectar and sing. You needed to write powerful article about Mars and as it is possible to begin cultivation of apple-trees there. People reflected on this subject long ago. There are already channels, it is not necessary to build irrigating system. It is necessary to deliver landing material and to begin cultivation of apples and other greens, free from himikaliyev. It will be humane in relation to the earth on which and at the expense of which people live, our far ancestors appear far ahead of the modern people leaving for themselves the lifeless and dirtied desert. It seems about the future and to turn the look to far-out planets where it is possible to use their features for the mankind benefit. You do not find that your article - the camouflaged nonprofessionalism, and on - simple“ These verbalizations the commentator can continue deception of the public which is not quite understanding a subject for its introduction to delusion for the purpose of extraction of own benefit indefinitely.

To what type it is possible to carry such eloquent commentators? Give we will talk about it. Such people meet practically at all forums and the Internet parties. They, as a green mold in still water. (That I was not reproached for this comparison, I will notice that green blossoming on a surface of reservoirs is Xing - green seaweed which appear much at a large amount of nitrogen and phosphorus in water). This type of people spends all the free time in virtual space, trying to discover who could lay out the maxims on any subject and on any question.

As a rule, it is losers on lives which managed to achieve nothing by 40 - 50 years: work grew hateful, private life did not develop, there are no friends and in mention. Here such person places herself in a certain prism in which it is possible to admire repeatedly the reflections and to look at any angle on people around. If it - a pettiness in real life, then it quite compensates it, vyyozhivayas in virtual space. He is invisible man. He is ruler of the destiny. He cannot be caught and punished for his rudeness. I called such subject “the person from a prism“ or just the CHIP . This type of people something is similar to trolls, but it not absolutely that.

The CHIP as the hunter, catches in the networks new “the people who are not fired“, attacks on the production, dumbfounding a tub of a verbal peel. He is interested in neither a subject of discussion, nor his vis-a-vis. He is an egotsentrist, he is the main person around whom the virtual space has to turn. The main task of the CHIP to bring the interlocutor out of an equilibrium state. If you answer its post, then he will write the next nonsense in reply moreover and obkhamit. If after the fifth - the seventh answer to the CHIP, you rage as a volcano before eruption, then the person from a prism is happy, he made it! It is self-assured, it is mighty. He knows it for certain!

The following step of the CHIP is to bring the interlocutor to such standard that that could not operate the emotions any more, i.e. it lowers the victim on the level at which it is possible not to mince words and rudeness. For the CHIP - you not the person, and a name on the screen. Politeness, understanding of the interlocutor is not for it. Do not try to explain something to such person, he to it is unreceptive, do not forget that he sits in the prism and only the reflection in its different sides sees.

Discussion with CHIP is a waste of time and in vain spent efforts. If it managed to be fed with your energy, to steal your time and to bring you out of an equilibrium state - it is a winner. The objectives are achieved, it is possible to pass to processing of following “client“.

You will never see his faces, it is lost long ago, and it with each new victory once again strengthens self-confidence.