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Dependence on food: myth or reality? Whether

the food Can cause the same dependence how drugs? If we understand that the food and drugs have the general, we will understand the reason of specific behavior of dependent people.

To understand this question, it is necessary to remember physiology. In a brain there are structures which are responsible for receiving pleasure. And their activity depends on the level of hormone of dopamine which is developed by certain sites of a brain.

If its level rises to the necessary mark, we feel satisfaction if it is not enough, satisfactions does not come. Both at food, and at drug addiction, and also at obesity similar disorders of functions of the centers of pleasure and self-checking are noted.

Was considered earlier that narcotic substances possess the unique properties causing dependence because they raise dopamine level in a brain much above it level when receiving natural pleasures, for example from intimate relations or receiving any benefits.

But as it appeared, not only drugs make such impact on a brain. Certain products, such as sugar and fat, possess identical properties. That is why we so like sweet and fat products. That is why we “jam“ them a stress. The food industry, knowing the increased demand for these components, adds them in such quantities what are only possible at the smallest expenses.

The results of recent research published in “Archives of the general psychiatry“ showed that dairy - chocolate drink can exert the same impact as cocaine on a brain! Products with the high content of sugar and fat induce a brain not only them to want, but also to need violently them.

Researchers from Princeton university, and also from Florida State University found out that the rats “stuffed“ with sugar get a cancellation symptom, as at the opium use. When rats deprived of sugar, they observed a tremor of forward extremities, a body shiver, uncontrollable knock by teeth.

At the beginning of this year scientists from Oregon research institute conducted researches of activity of a brain of children who looked at photos of chocolate drinks, and tried them later. They found out that, like the people suffering from alcoholic and drug addiction, these children needed increase in a dose of drink over time.

Children who regularly used ice cream had to increase the consumed portions over time to have the same satisfaction which they had earlier at smaller portions. In other words, each time it is necessary to eat more and more to enjoy and be sated as earlier. And to eat more - means to receive excess calories and to increase body weight.

It is noted: “The best indicator of quality of life and longevity is the quantity of fatty stocks of the person, and more - does not mean better“. Today we already know that excess body weight is a risk factor of development of diabetes, is warm - vascular diseases, cancer, diseases of bones, joints etc. favourite dishes which prepare for New year or Birthday and which it is difficult for us to refuse are of

U of all. However we should understand what happens to our organism when we use these delicacies: we feel literally fireworks of pleasure as dopamine it is developed with interest.

If these dishes appear on our table several times a year - it is still half-troubles, but if we do not think without them of our daily menu - it is already a problem. These dishes (or products) control our reason and a body now!

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