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My Article, on “As I Represent Life“.

Here I do not know to who to be pleasant my article to whom is not present whether the editor will pass it would like of course that passed. But nevertheless I will try to inform of the thoughts, readers, this fine website.

Just I want to share the impressions, on what I understood for the thirty two years. This time passed, very quickly on the one hand, and with another life was saturated the mass of events, and various tasks which set on my way, my destiny. Every time, approaching to next forks, it is required to make the decision which not always brought benefit, and everything went according to that scenario on which, I chose. I analyze at more mature age, of course, that that could and be changed, but everything was to was.

My aspiration to work for itself, was since the childhood. We thought out various combinations of earnings, and for me in the country changing in the nineties, it was interesting. Having worked at various works, and having passed training in some institutions, in twenty eight years, at last, that, I became the individual entrepreneur. If it is honest, began to organize, business in which I was not familiar at all, well so it turned out. But, nevertheless, now I am the head of construction company. Primary activity is connected with repairs of houses and apartments, finishing works, installation of windows, doors and so on. The geography of my activity was rather extensive. These are the Stavropol, Krasnodar regions, the Rostov region.

And so the aspiration of the person has to be constant before what it is necessary to stop if your desire, is directed to the benefit not only you personally, but also the people surrounding you. I am sure, this aspiration will be successful. Achieve the objectives, be those whom you want, remember, your tomorrow depends only on you.

My power streams, are directed to those people who still face some choice. It is necessary to understand that life slowly passes and if you do not awake on it to walk, then everything will pass by. I agree that is possible will be mistaken, to fall, and all will laugh. But it will be unknown who else to laugh when your objectives are achieved. Surely prove everything that you can, be not aside the life take active part in it.

Do not forget about a healthy lifestyle, it is one of rules which very much to be useful to you on your way. “In the sound mind is healthy a body,“, it is very competent motto. In spite of the fact that medical improvements go forward, everything becomes more expensive and more expensive. Therefore it is better earlier, than later to watch over health.

There is a wish very much, to make: to be an actor, the singer, the good athlete, the scientist, the astronaut and so on but, unfortunately, it is not possible therefore I direct all energy in now all the available Internet. Here people can share information, necessary for someone, write that they think.

I want to give by the article the positive, who will read it to all people. I consider it is necessary, to try to help as it is possible for the bigger number of people who need this or that help.

For early big all thanks, I hope, this easy article will bring pleasant notes in your consciousness. Just advertizing and policy already, for certain bothered all.