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How it is good to have a rest during holiday?

Good question. Especially, when it you plan the whole labor year in mind, and then you clutch at the head.

At the dacha at the mother-in-law there is no wish to persist in, holiday for this purpose and is necessary to have a rest. But also it is stupid to spend the whole month on a sofa somehow not beautifully. It is necessary to brag to colleagues that “the toad crushed them“. Well and proofs, naturally, to provide.

Therefore the small list of options of carrying out holiday with the pluses and minuses is offered to your attention.

Rest happens different

Active and passive.
was told About passive rest above, and we will sort several options of active recreation.

The best rest - sea tour

I will agree with it everyone.

If you live for thousands of kilometers from any resorts, then can use round by agencies. The choice of agencies, as well as the directions, is huge. Everything is limited only to your finance.

And so, all is stipulated and money is paid. Houses you collect suitcases, further go by plane to the destination, from the airport by bus or by a taxi to hotel, and there the cultural program on your taste.

You want - all holiday you lie on a plank bed near the pool, and you want - register in excursions which sometimes happen boring and dry. From such holiday you come back suntanned and well rested, but with some gray impressions, especially, if you so have a rest every year.

But it for those who saw the sea only on a card. And there are people who live not so far from sea coast and can reach to the resort by own efforts. It is necessary to live, usually, on the rental apartment. The prices and options can be seen on the Internet. You contact the owner, you stipulate conditions and at way.

Also there is a reasonable question:

How to reach?

Strangely enough, there are options.

Option No. 1 - bus.
Is convenient, in way without straining, it is possible to have a sleep. On arrival on the apartment, it is not necessary to sit within four walls simply. And what you decide to go sightseeing and photograph. You can even come across such places which any guide will not show you.

But there are unexpected minuses of such rest. In way to you children will not allow to have a sleep, or others - it is not important. You will be brought not to hotel, and on station and to you it is necessary, with bags, to go on the apartment. It will be necessary to reach all beauty under the own steam, excuse.

Option No. 2 - on the car.
Pluses - where to do stops and for what time you solve. With bags it is not necessary to rush on the city, and it is possible to arrive to the necessary address at once and on the way to look through announcements of delivery of rooms for rent. Perhaps there will be an option cheaper and better.

Minuses. If your car is not equipped with the conditioner, then you carry out all way in stuffy salon, and the trip can borrow not one hour

If you eat with the wife, then this option can not be pleasant to your half. It all road “will go to you on ears“ that, on all that money which you are raised to spend for “this rest“ it would be possible to have a rest perfectly abroad what she dreamed long ago of.

Thus, pleasures from the road any and rest, naturally, is spoiled.

And the owner of the apartment can demand an additional fee for the parking of the car in his economy.

Option No. 3 - on the motorcycle.
As at my female look is the best option. Well, men, think - things a beret at least, and the wife, behind you sitting, not that it is inconvenient to tell you something, all her attention is occupied by impressions of the road.

In many tourist cities historical small streets so narrow that cars hardly - hardly squeeze between houses, and the motorcycle easily slips. And the owner of the apartment, most likely, will not ask an additional fee for the motorcycle which is in the yard.

Thus, you derive pleasure not only from the road, but also from stay in the resort.

There is only one, possible, minus such travel - the warm, refreshing sudden summer heavy rain.

The car can be repaired on HUNDRED and it can stand not cheap if it is the foreign car. And the bike can be repaired and most by means of a simple tool kit which will need to be taken with itself, and some technical knowledge. As a last resort, you will be helped by the same motor-tourists, the benefit that they are more amicable than motorists especially as, this type of tourism becomes fashionable.

There is one not solved moment.

The price of the question

Most interesting that, the cost of the bus ticket and gasoline which you will burn on the car is approximately identical. And the price of the good motorcycle can be higher, than at the average foreign car.

And not each girl will agree to ride the motorcycle with a backpack behind shoulders at a speed of 80 km/h and more though this, some kind of, anti-cellulite massage.

But that can be better than the surprising feelings received from such trip. Behind new feelings and fine impressions we also go to the sea coast. To have a rest not only physically, but also spiritually. And as, depends only on your desires and opportunities.