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How to make useful drink of mint, a lemon and ginger?

Left in the morning in a kitchen garden, and on that place where the peppermint grows at me, saw dark-a claret speck. Approached closer and understood that it is mint already pushed out the rudiments of leaflets which are hardly twisted in a small knot from the earth. “I will begin to do soon drink which is loved by all my family“, - I thought and decided to share this recipe with all readers. I Will begin

with the fact that all ingredients of this drink are useful and will help an organism to fill up reserves of the vitamins and minerals dissipated in the long winter.

Escapes, leaves, flowers of a peppermint contain a large amount of essential oil, tannic, bitter and biologically active agents, sugar, fats, phytoncides, vitamins C and P, carotene, mineral salts. The refreshing mint aroma from antiquity was highly appreciated very much. So, the Ancient Greek scientist and the philosopher, one of the first botanists of antiquity of Teofrast (Feoprast) (a real name Tirtam) which lived in 372-287 years B.C. considered that good wreaths from mint in a bedroom it is much more useful than roses as the peppermint “deletes a headache, protects the head from harmful effects of a heat and cold“.

Lemons in a large number contain the most different vitamins. Therefore the regular use of a lemon - an excellent opportunity to strengthen the immune system. At a lemon also the dried peel is useful. A dried peel - powerful antibacterial tool. Also the lemon well influences heart and vessels.

Ginger increases immunity, can appease pain at arthritis, reduces cholesterol level in blood, and also arterial pressure. Ginger contains potassium, magnesium, copper, manganese and B6 vitamin.

So, we prepare drink from mint, a lemon, ginger and honey (at will). Honey can be replaced with sugar.

We take 2 liters of cold boiled or spring water. We pour out water in a wide pan. We wash two big bunches of mint and two lemons. We clean ginger, we take grams of 10 - 15 or 4 - 5 ringlets of ginger. Honey or sugar is added to taste.

Mint is carefully pounded in a pan with water hands, we squeeze out juice of two lemons, a dried peel we rub on a grater and too we add to drink. Small we cut ginger or too we rub on a small grater, we add it to drink after a lemon. The last we add honey or sugar to taste. It is possible to do also without them if sweet is contraindicated to you or you do not use it for any reasons.

The made drink needs to be put to be insisted during two - three hours. Then to filter through a small sieve or through two - three layers of a gauze, having carefully squeezed out the remains, to pour on decanters and to put in the refrigerator for one or two hours. All this portion should be drunk within a day, and next day to prepare fresh.

It is desirable to begin day with this divine drink as it well influences work zheludochno - an intestinal path, brings disintegration products out of an organism, helps to get rid of puffiness. Drink drink within a week, and you will notice how your dream will be adjusted, you will a little grow thin and will feel cheerfulness and inflow of new forces.

This drink it is possible and it is necessary to give to children instead of semi-synthetic juice which filled shelves of all shops.