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Recipes of youth of

at the beginning of 80 - x were fashionable various techniques of self-healing, food, physical exercises, well and other self-torture. Somehow read a technique of respiratory gymnastics, I do not remember who the author. What did it attract me with? I since the childhood had a raised heartbeat rhythm - not less than 90 beats per minute, doctors were surprised and what to recommend did not know. And so this technique allowed to reduce pulse to 60 - ti beats per minute. Nothing difficult, you can try though now: measure pulse, make an exhalation, detain a breath for 30 - 60 seconds, slowly make a breath, measure pulse again. It`s a go? At me it turned out, and it is very good.

Gradually, being regularly engaged in similar respiratory procedures, I noticed that the frequency of serdtsebiyeniye began to decrease considerably and the rhythm of breath in the usual mode exchanged too. I noticed that I began to breathe less deeply less often, short wind at run disappeared. Thus, my organism was reconstructed on a new respiratory and warm rhythm. I not the fan to go on doctors therefore I do not know still, it is good or it is bad.

And so, we will return forward. And here body? And here and. Slowing down breath, we inhale less oxygen, namely it causes oxidizing reactions in an organism which so strongly influence process of its aging. When on our planet there was life, in the atmosphere there were no more than two percent of oxygen, and for all was enough. Now 10 times more, I will not tell that it is bad, but, likely, everything is good moderately. I do not apply for scientific character of article, it is just life experience, no more. But and all medicine is based, first of all, on practical knowledge.

Is couple more of recipes. It is known, after forty years, and sometimes and much earlier, men begin to grow bald. There are many explanations for this factor, first of all, the increased content of men`s hormones. I will not hide, indumentum of my head decreases too, but to a bald head and a gray hair is still far. First rule: daily I wash the head, thereby I allow hair bulbs “to breathe“. Second rule: I am very shortly cut (3 - 5 mm), besides I facilitate food of hair. Third rule: that in blood there were less men`s hormones, they need to share as often as possible.

At last, the last recipe from my practice. It is known that the person to 30% of oxygen can absorb through a body surface. Therefore I regularly visit a bath, only it can carefully clean integument pores, I try in house conditions to carry a clothes minimum, in daily clothes to use only natural fabrics, very well flax and cotton.

As I wrote, youth is also a state of mind, but about it in the following article.