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Festival in South Korea or Where the spring comes?

already decorated Gentle flowers of a forzition zolotisto - yellow color of the mountain. The country of morning freshness is filled with aromas of spring. Everywhere violent blossoming - yellow, white and pink. The spring came to the peninsula where the season of the most unusual holidays begins. In South Korea - festival spring!

in the light of political events which take place between two countries having the general roots now, of course, words about holidays and festivals strange sound. But life always prevails: we hope that the world on ancient Choson`s earth nevertheless will be.

The ancient state which was called Choson was Davny - long ago, at the end of the second millennium B.C., in the territory of the Korean peninsula. There passed time, the state broke up to three breeding unions of which further there were three other states - Sil, Pekche and Koguryo.

In those ancient times of war between the countries for the best lands were not a rarity. There passed a lot more time, and in 1392 the ruling dynasty of Koryo was replaced by not less influential dynasty Choson which governed till 1910. That unfortunate year the country became the Japanese colony.

But it was not the last bowl of adversities which fell to lot of the small country. Upon termination of World War II Korea had to become a change between Japan and the USSR. Then two new Korean states - the Republic of Korea and Democratic People`s Republic of Korea were formed. Each of them had the way of development.

What to us is remembered when we hear about South Korea? Words of Samsung and LG familiar to all - grandiose projects which became a trademark known around the world, a symbol of new technologies of the republic.

To motorists the handsome of Hyundai and Kia which on the Russian roads meet at least, than in South Korea will be remembered. I am occurred by the blossoming Oriental cherry and butterflies. Not less symbolical signs of the country of morning freshness.

South Korea begins series of remarkable holidays in the spring. I dare to notice that there is a lot of them and each of these festivals is unique. Carrying out such celebrations in Korea long tradition.

Severe life not too indulged the simple people, but the soul wanted pleasure, fun, beauty. Also there were wonderful festivals with beautiful names: festival of blossoming of cherry, festival of butterflies, festival of chrysanthemums.

Such holidays in Korea a set. What passes by the European`s look has the special importance here - salmon festivals, a festival of a bittercress or a festival of shrimps so appeared.

Spring festivals begin with blossoming of an Oriental cherry which is loved not only in Japan, but also in Korea. These days the country welcomes guests from around the world. Festivals attract with the singularity and beauty. To admire this show, it is worth visiting the cherry Yunzhonno Avenue located near the building of National Assembly. It is the most known cherry avenue in Seoul: 1400 cherry trees return Winter`s Tale in April sunny days. It is white - pink fog concerns and fascinates all who visited here.

Within a festival various programs and actions are carried out: speeches of the Korean actors, guests from other countries, art and flower exhibitions.

Besides, there take place competitions in force and speed: there is a chance to walk upstairs with 1 on the 63rd floor and to win a prize. And for memory the Korean masters will do a tattoo free of charge a tattoo of the blossoming Oriental cherry.

But not only the capital of Korea holds a cherry festival: over all country where the wonderful Oriental cherry blossoms, there take place celebrations. In April days guests are welcomed also by Chechzhudo`s island. Royal cherry which grows on the island is even more beautiful, than her relative, usual cherry. Large flowers of the queen - an unusual show. On the island also musical festival is held. Symbiosis of music and the nature attracts every year many admirers of beauty here.

With occurrence of April heat flowers of cherry and in the well-known cherry avenue in the province Kensan - namdo blossom. The small volost Hvage - exchanges notes “Hvagechzhantkho“ - a holiday of blossoming of an Oriental cherry.

Tourists are offered to pass on the “wedding“ road. It is not simple, but magic. Koreans say that lovers need to pass on this road, having joined hands, then they will be able to live together long and happily. I think, there is an incentive to visit this wonderful region.

In festival days in Hvage there will take place representations and to sound songs of the Korean actors. It is also possible to visit the market where trade in fish. Here it is worth trying the most tasty national fish dishes Aja and the well-known spicy crab chkhamgetkhan soup.

The spring reigns in April in South Korea everywhere. Such feeling that the blossomed flowers staged a beauty contest: each plant is a miracle.

A festival on Chkhonpkhuno`s lake - not an exception. It is white - a pink haze everywhere. In this place there are many memorable sights which can be photographed for memory. The program of a festival also included competitions on kayaks and a canoe.

The festival spring in South Korea waits for the guests. And it only the beginning, relay of festivals will continue a summer season of holidays.