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Infertility - an illness or a sentence? “A day before the birth the child asked

God:“ I do not know why I go to this world. What do I have to do?“

God answered: “I will present you an angel who will always be near you. He will explain everything to you. The angel will teach you to the language. It will protect you from all troubles.

“ And how call my angel?“ - the kid took an interest.

“ It is unimportant what is his name, it has many names. But you will call it so far - mother.“

Each woman dreams to hear this sweet and the magic word - MOTHER. But, sometimes, it does not occur that very much afflicts both the woman and her man. “circulations on doctors“, testing, treatment begin.... And it is very terrible when the doctor makes the diagnosis INFERTILITY.

Can be the main reasons for female infertility: bad quality of cervical slime, hems, uterus neck fibromas; endometriosis, fibromas and hems of a uterus; impassability of uterine tubes; lack of an ovulation, existence of a cyst of an ovary.

Also the reason can become absence at the man of enough full-fledged spermatozoa and decrease in their activity and mobility. Also immunological incompatibility is possible - it is when the woman`s organism for one reason or another tears away sperm of this man by means of development of specific antibodies.

But it is not necessary to despair, the majority of violations can be revealed and eliminated in due time that will allow the woman to give birth to the healthy child.

When all possible methods of treatment of infertility are already used (surgical treatment, hormonal therapy, medicinal stimulation), and pregnancy did not come, the modern medicine resorts to EKO, or fertilization in a test tube. There is an opinion that EKO is an intervention in the nature of people. Actually process of fertilization out of an organism of the woman repeats natural process with the only difference: fertilization of an ovum a spermatozoon happens in vitro. Further development of a fruit happens already as usual, in the woman`s uterus.

But, can happen so that the woman has no problems, but at them it is impossible to become pregnant over a year, two, and even five years. In that case speak about inexplicable infertility. Perhaps, it is all about the head - young people are too adjusted on “making“ of the child, and are so fixated on pregnancy that it just does not come.

By scientists it is proved that there is a direct dependence between a mental condition of the woman and probability to become pregnant. Therefore tell “no“ to stresses, experiences and even to negative thoughts. Much are helped by an outdoor recreation, a trip to travel. Neodkhodima change of a situation.

To approach on one step the cherished dream, refuse addictions, to a ved of the smoking women chances to become pregnant decrease by 30%, and at the smoking men sperm is “weaker“. Even coffee rather caffeine negatively influences conception.

Try to eat better. It is known that for pregnant women there is a special diet. And for the planning couples there are rules too, and for men and for women different. Future mothers should lean on the greens and sheet vegetables, porridges and bread rich with folic acid, it is very important vitamin. Women who have problems with an ovulation need daily to eat meat and bean and other ferriferous products. Well, and dairy products, of course, calcium is useful to you and in the subsequent. It is also useful to consume pumpkin pulp as it contains vitamin E. And it is the regulator of hormonal balance of women. Some, recommend to eat pineapple - contains in it bromelayn which prepare a uterus for conception. You feed the husbands with fish, nuts and meat. These products increase mobility of spermatozoa. Well, and the general recommendation - clean sweet and farinaceous food from a diet.

Besides, not superfluous will be to spend on drink a cycle of vitamins. Prenatal vitamins which are appointed to pregnant women are effective in this case.

To increase chances of conception of the child, it is not necessary to exhaust each other sex during an ovulation. The matter is that quality of men`s sperm at a frequent ejaculation decreases. To double the chances to become pregnant, it is enough to have sex once a day.

The main thing not to panic ahead of time and to try various methods and ways to become pregnant. The stress at failures will be only a negative factor when planning pregnancy. Good luck!