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Browning Auto - 5. Why this autoloading gun call “the Great Gun“? John Browning began procession along the world of

of Work on development of the new automatic gun in 1898. Having patented a design of the automatic gun in 1900, it started the idea embodiment in “metal“. In total three versions of the gun were made. After check of working capacity and reliability of a design John Browning was ready to show the new invention to the world.

1901 Went. The most successful, the third, model he offered weapon firm Winchester which bought already 44 of its inventions before. However at the same time Browning refused the fixed payment and requested the considerable sum of assignments from each sold gun. The management of firm refused to the inventor, having called his weapon “unpromising“. Speak, John Browning got savage, having heard such response. It stopped cooperation with this firm. Later experts will tell that it was the main commercial failure for all history of existence Winchester Repeating Arms Company.

And John Browning began to look for other buyers. Agreed about a meeting with the CEO of Remington Arms firm, but the destiny interfered - the president of the company Remington died from heart attack in day to which negotiations were appointed. Without having found understanding in the USA, John Browning addressed the management of the Belgian firm Fabrique Nationale which already released its automatic guns. The bargaining was short, and since 1902 the gun began to be produced in lots.

John Browning so believed in the “child“ that he ordered party from 10 000 guns for sale in the USA for the personal money. By the way, these guns were sold out less than in a year, having well improved financial position of the inventor. But as in the USA already then there were high import duties, John appealed to the management of Fabrique Nationale to transfer the rights for production of the gun in the USA, on Remington Arms firm with which he conducted several years negotiations. Such permission was got in 1906, and Browning`s gun (with the minimum completions) was called by Remington Model 11. And write in many catalogs and reference books now: the gun Browning Auto - 5/Remington Model 11.

trunks and details of the mechanism for Auto - 5 did interesting historic facts to

In Belgium of the same steel, as for the army weapon. Quality control in Fabrique Nationale firm was one for military and civil production too. Probably, therefore Auto - 5 Belgian productions are especially appreciated.

At the Olympic Games in 1924 in Paris by means of Auto - 5 several records were set up and the gold medal is won.

The gun Remington Model 11 was used during World War II as the training weapon of bortstrelok of “the flying fortresses“. The gun fixed in the tourist`s fir-tree imitating handles of management of an aviation large-caliber machine gun of Browning M2 (John Browning`s designs too), and the shooter shot at the usual “the flying plateaus“ for bench firing.

Browning Auto - 5 under the L32A1 index (military English option with the short, chromeplated inside trunk) was used by the English task forces on fight against guerrillas in the jungle of Malaysia in 50 - x years 20 - go centuries.

Rare modification of the gun with a cartridge chamber on 7 cartridges, in principle, had to be called Browning Auto - 8 (by quantity of the loaded cartridges - 7 in shop and 1 in a trunk) and was made in Belgium for police of the African country of Rhodesia (nowadays by Zimbabwe).

The Remington company till 1947 made more than 800 000 guns 11 - y, and from 1949 to 1967 many thousands circulations produced “the facilitated model“ Remington Model 11 - 48 which had more modern, the “licked“ receiver form, and some details of the mechanism were not such massive and strong, as in original model. Speak, the main reason of release of “the facilitated model“ was that original, “Auto which is not facilitated“ - 5 practically did not break. The gun devolved from the father to the son, then to the grandson, that is always was in “business“. And who will buy the new gun if he old perfectly works.

In Belgium release “the Belgian option of Auto - 5“ continued till 1974. Further Auto - 5 was issued according to the license in Japan at plants of Miroku firm. Experts note that Japanese option was the most inexpensive and practical, the trunk is chromeplated, in a set several dulny nozzles. Though the beginning of sales of the Japanese clones of Auto - 5 in the USA fell on hostility time to all Japanese goods, Japanese released this gun more than 20 years, till 1998

Here to tell: here everything, centenary “grandfather“ went into retirement. On the contrary! Popularity of this gun is still so high that its production continues. However, already in single copies, by individual orders. And still the Belgian firm Browning regularly lets out to round dates “memorial“ copies of Auto - 5 which then are on sale at auction. And the newest gun of this A5 firm completely repeats legendary Auto`s “appearance“ - 5. And here “interiors“ - the supermodern inertial system of a recharge, just the same is used in the well-known automatic guns of the Italian firm Benelli Armi.

After period of validity of the patent expired, some weapon firms began to do practically clones of fifth Brauniga. So, the Russian gun MTs 21 - 12 (almost full clone, spare parts for repair of MTs 21 - 12 Russian owners of Auto - 5 use for repair of the guns) is issued the Tula small-arms factory and now.

And the fifth brownings and the eleventh remingtona which are earlier made in hundred years continue to work and please the owners. Still. This gun - a legend. Great Gun!