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How to support itself in the period of a spring aggravation?

Spring - a remarkable time of year. Farewell, cold weather, hello, long-awaited sun and green grass! Everything blossoms around and changes for the better. Someone sings serenades under windows of darlings and bears huge bouquets of flowers, and someone is depressed all spring days.

All because from - for climate changes many people cannot find any peace, are nervous and are irritated on each trifle. Such state is called a spring aggravation. And on its background all delights of the come spring are already poorly noticeable.

If you noticed in yourself signs of a spring aggravation (bad mood, fatigue, surges in aggression, alarm and excitability), begin to fight with them right now. How to adjust itself on a quiet, balanced and harmonious harmony?

1. Get to yourself the diary. Remember how in the childhood wrote down all most intimate desires and secret thoughts there, drew pictures which kept within only in your head, shared plans for the future. And when re-read it, analyzed the actions and acts and understood what needs to be done to move further. It to you and now will help to make these or those decisions.

2. Without water cannot live and day, it is vital energy of each person. And it needs to be drunk daily in quantity, sufficient for an organism. Of course, all of us know about it, but only units conform to this rule. And it is not so difficult! Buy a jug in which you will always store pure drinking water, put it on a foreground drink more often. Water will relieve your organism of products of an exchange and harmful substances thanks to what you will feel better!

3. you Love vegetables and fruit? So why to refuse to itself such small pleasure? These products are the main vitamins for the person, and at times and irreplaceable drugs. Every day indulge yourself favourite salatika from vegetables and fruit desserts. Taste any exotic fruit which differ in the tastes. The main thing that it did not cause an allergy.

4. Grey everyday life quite often casts grief and a certain alarm. But it can be corrected the mood and an arrangement to people around! Every time when you walk in crowded places, mentally wish wellbeing to all who will meet to you on the way. As they say, everything comes back a boomerang, so and it will turn back good in your party too.

5. Leave the cozy sofa to have a rest alone, the movement time came! Try not to sit in place. Run in the mornings, jump on a jump rope, dance, be engaged in the gym, fall in love with exercise machines. Active lifestyle not only will bring you into a form, but also health will take care of yours and will not allow to be depressed!

To endure this transitional season without shocks, learn to operate yourself, to watch a vitality and not to give in on the emotional conflicts. Do not admit to yourself people with negative perception of situations. Protect yourself from sad music and sad movies. Support yourself and the organism in the iridescent flowers and vitamin cocktails. You will not manage to look back as the unstable period will be already behind!