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What tell mirror dates in a calendar about?

Quite recently the educated world with alarm expected the next doomsday which was proved by calculations of a calendar of the American Indians of the Maya and had to occur on December 21, 2012. In the declared day of universal accident did not occur.

the day Appointed for a doomsday in classical concept of esoteric knowledge does not keep within because some asymmetrical date 21122012 turns out. It is more logical to present the expected cataclysm not in December, and in February, 2012, then this number would be written so - 21022012, and would have, any esoteric sense.

Or it is rather in three months as number 21122012 has an error on the third figure. Here the difference in 100 days if to assume that the left side of a numerical palindrome reflects some period in a year, and the right side means year. This date, in the absence of any additional explanations, caused negligence to the source of information.

And all - went off with a bang! So that in Chelyabinsk all windows took off. And exactly in time the above-stated period of discrepancy, in numbers of definition of date of the expected cataclysm. While all clairvoyants, predictors and fans of a chenniling do not give explanations about the reasons of a cancelled apocalypse in the terms expected by all.

Language of the Maya was considered lost, and it was decoded by Yury Valentinovich Knorozov awarded for this work as an academic degree of the doctor of historical sciences. The American scientist Eric Thompson challenging Yu. Knorozov`s idea that hieroglyphs of the Maya represent letters or words was other specialist in interpretation of writing of the Maya.

Thompson considered them as the symbols, pictures expressing ideas which cannot be said. Dispute between scientists is not finished also after their death, till this day. But also decoders of language of the Maya also do not give any additional data which would help to understand in the circumstances.

The Chelyabinsk event forced to belong to predictions of a calendar of the Maya more attentively. And to such event in a cosmogony of Ancient Maya, as: “on December 21, 2012 there has to be a Galactic Synchronization (coincidence of many spiritually - transtsedentny, astronomical and astrological aspects in one point of life)“.

I cannot tell about spiritual and transcendental aspects of galactic synchronization, but in one point of life three space bodies met. It is the fact on which it is possible to argue, including applicable and to the Maya calendar. The explosion of a meteorite in the atmosphere near Chelyabinsk which happened on February 15, 2013 at the height of 15-25 km led to the fact that from - for a shock wave a lot of people suffered.

By calculations of NASA, the meteorite had a diameter about 15 meters and weighing about 10 thousand tons. The total of the released energy by the same estimates made about 500 kilotons in a trotyl equivalent. It does it by the greatest object which faced Earth for the last 105 years from the moment of falling of the Tungus meteorite on June 30, 1908.

And we know that some scientists consider the Tungus meteorite from which there is no trace left, and not a meteorite at all. Some said that the Tungus accident was provoked by the Serbian scientist Nikola Tesla. On these reasonings it turns out so that Nikola Tesla in America with the lightnings was amused and suddenly for some reason attacked Russia, having started on its territory a plasma sphere. But all this guesses.

Scientists consider that the meteorite which blew up over Chelyabinsk arrived in itself and is not a splinter of the asteroid which was flying by in the same time near Earth 2012 DA14. What arrived to Chelyabinsk from space and where it got to - data inconsistent where it is more questions, than answers, and we will not pay attention to this information.

We will be engaged in consideration of number of the last day of a calendar of the Maya 21122012 where a difference between two half hundred years. It is impossible to consider it as any cycle, though there was 100 years ago the Tungus accident because we just will not live up to the following mark which will occur in 100 years. Let`s pay attention to the following date about which spoke above - on February 31, 2013.

It is the next palindrome 31022013 within which met in space Earth, an asteroid and a meteor on February 15, 2013. In this case it is not necessary to speak about discrepancies because astrological calculations have thousand-year history. And we have continuous games over time, for example, old and new style when the specified date can be shifted on a half-month.

Our calculations are based on a secular calendar to which calendars of all religious groups are attached. But to say that all religious doctrines speak about similar “mirror“ dates we cannot. The Maya calendar, for example, has 13 baktun which ended on December 21, 2012. We do not see any additional calculations.

No doubt “mirror“ dates represent some cyclic processes, but to claim that in 100 years there will be a similar accident we cannot. Though in hundred years mirror numbers of a calendar, for example 21122112, 31122113, 10033001 and so on appear next “. And everything would be fine if not one circumstance, - in February is not present 31 numbers.

And it means that according to a church Julian calendar date of explosion of a meteorite and approach to Earth of an asteroid falls for the end of February. Numerical palindromes of past tense can be traced in the 13th century. It is a certain time cycle too. Maya claimed that the Cycle of Creation will last 13 baktun (5125 years), everyone baktun corresponded to 394 years = to 144 000 days.

In Orthodoxy the Cycle of Creation - 7000 years. There are “mirror“ dates. According to some assumptions in 1661 from Creation of the World there was a Universal Flood. Allegedly within the 5555th year from Creation of the World Jesus Christ was born. One of the first palindromes of a Julian calendar 01011010. And within 1991 the Soviet empire A.D. collapsed.