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Why honey is useful to work of a brain?

the efforts on collecting and processing of nectar of a bee give us really wonderful product - honey. Its antibacterial properties do not allow it to deteriorate. The contained vitamins and minerals among which is present tiamin ascorbic acid, nicotinic acid, Riboflavinum, sodium, calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, manganese, copper, phosphorus, can load us with energy for the whole day, and also help our brain to cope with numerous tasks. Several millennia medical are used by

for treatment of various diseases. According to numerous researches, medical, strengthening immune system, also promotes decrease in level of cholesterol, positively influences intellectual development of children. Medical it is useful to heart, a stomach and intestines, regulates amount of sugar in blood, helps to improve a condition of skin and to grow thin. Well and of course, medical, mixed with a lemon and hot water, is fine, well-known to us cold medicine.

Than honey is useful to work of a brain?

Carbohydrates. the Human brain demands more one fifth part of the energy developed by an organism, a quarter of the oxygen arriving at breath, and also spends about a quarter of all sugar in blood. If you are engaged in brainwork, it is important that sugar level in blood had no sharp hesitations. It can be reached, daily using medical for breakfast and eating four - five times a day small portions of food with the high content of carbohydrates.

Serotonin. , along with carbohydrates, also mediators - substances which are responsible for processing of information are required for the Brain. The mediator serotonin influences our mood, sensitivity to pain and learning ability. It is formed of the tryptophane which is contained in honey. As along with tryptophane honey contains both vitamin C, and nonsaturated fatty acids, formation of serotonin increases.

Iron. activity of the left hemisphere of a brain, an occipital share of both hemispheres and mental capacities depends On iron level in an organism. This important microcell activates biologically active agents which are necessary for protein synthesis, and therefore are irreplaceable for work of a brain. Deficiency of iron can lead to deterioration in informative abilities and fluency of the speech.

Holin. the Use of honey helps to fill a shortcoming is well-cared. This proteinaceous connection regulates the level of cholesterol and prevents adjournment of fats on walls of vessels. Holin is necessary for synthesis of acetylcholine - a mediator which influences areas of a brain in which short-term memory is localized. Ability of a brain to acquire it is well-cared decreases with age that decrease in quantity and functioning of nervous cages by all means leads. From - for it frustration of a dream, forgetfulness and difficulties with concentration of attention develops.

It is necessary to add that honey is our natural antidepressant. The use it will help to reduce the level of aggression, irritability and a stress in the mornings, and also to cope with chronic fatigue. The spoon - another of honey is at breakfast capable to give you forces and to increase mood. Live with pleasure!