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20, 30, 40 approaches... And Herman is absent everything?

So there is a wish to fall in love and, perhaps, it is already possible to marry … But heart still - is free … And it is valid what is there, on heart? What feelings are caused by everything that is connected with love mutual and happy? We need such?

What you watch couples in love and happy families leave? What do you think of them? It is pleasant to you to look at them, or they irritate with one look and cause any envy? Whether you believe in sincerity of their feelings?

It is not just questions. If honestly to answer itself them, it is possible to see the reason of the loneliness. And this is important - the nobility of “enemy“, that is the destructive thoughts or beliefs, “in a face“. It is the first and main step to that lifeline where you are happy in love and the relations.

Carry out audit of the thoughts concerning everything, as for the relations. There can be a mass of the reasons why they (relations) do not develop which you do not even realize.

For example: there is a big desire to marry, but at the same time it is terrible to get acquainted with his family - and suddenly it will not be pleasant to his mother or the sister! You want love, but you are afraid to disappoint or be disappointed. Or there was an unsuccessful experience, and you expect in advance what will be sick. There is already a wish to get a family, but it means - to leave “freedom“ and to receive instead of the obligation.

Or: you know that are worthy the best man, but you do not believe that you can meet it. Nobody from girlfriends married the prince yet … And mother warned that all of them “…“.

As you can see, there can be many reasons for which your world which, of course cares for you preserves you against all these “troubles“.

Still important question: why to you relations? What do you want actually? You really want to be favourite and most to give love? Or it is inconvenient to come on a visit one when there all in couples? Or material stability which the man can give is necessary? Or you re-read the passport recently and understood that it is already indecent not to be married, in yours - that age? Or mother demands grandsons?

It is a man nearby, the marriage, material support, the status, situation, even children - can be present at your life, but love at the same time can not be … The result is always equal to intention.

When you with all the heart will feel that you want love, and not just regular sex, the status and the press in the passport when you understand that you are ready not only to receive, but also to give, then it and to appear - Love. And where to disappear with it?

Lodge in yourself love, it is not concrete to someone, and just love . Do not forget, the world answers us with what we bear in ourselves. Returns your mental energy in the form of the materialized objects and events.

Live, you go, you breathe, smile, wake up with feeling that you are already happy in love. Fall in love in absentia. You treat to everyone and everything with love.

We got used as? Let at first the prince will ride, will shower with compliments, attention, care and gifts. And there and I will begin to shine, I will be lit, there will be all such kind and fluffy. All such air, to kisses calling. And try on the contrary - by the principle of a mirror.

As the repairman Mechnikov, the person exhausted narzan performed by favourite G. Vitsin spoke: “Money vperrryod!!“ In our case: in the morning - feeling, in the afternoon - darling. In the afternoon - feeling, in the evening - prynts. Well, you remember...