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The letter is a mental kiss?

Such different rushes of soul... Such different letters...

Love letters. the Answer to a question why Tatyana wrote to Onegin, but did not tell about the feelings, it is simple: it is much easier to make a declaration of love on paper, than aloud, looking in eyes.

Besides, the one who writes always has a right for a draft copy, and at personal meeting of the second chance explain the words it can not to be presented.

In the letter there are no awkward pauses, interjections and stutters. “the letter does not redden“ as Cicero told. And if you cannot still dare to tell someone important words, the letter - an excellent opportunity to make it.

Letters of gratitude. can send them to parents, grandmothers, grandfathers, teachers, friends - all to whom you want to tell sincere “thanks“.

Such pleasant message will lighten mood to those whom you love, and will show that you appreciate that these people are in your life.

Letters of kindness. On social networks communities which do a peculiar charity work are. They do not raise money and do not do donations. They just write letters to those who needs emotional support time even more, than material. For example, fatally sick. These people need friends and the encouraging words. And in that case letters become more expensive than money.

Letters in the future. you can write the letter to yourself. Why not? Over time we change and we forget about very important things of which with ease will remind such message from the past. On the Internet for this purpose there are several services. You just visit the website, write the letter and expose date when you want to receive the letter from the past.

It is possible to leave such messages also in tight bottles.

Letters “for rainy day“. the Recipient of this message - you are. In it it is necessary to write the encouraging words and compliments to himself favourite, and also everything, than you can be proud. Later seal an envelope and reliably hide. It is possible to read the letter only when to you it is very sad. Such message will surely support you at a difficult moment.

Unusual addressees. Some lonely people write letters to an oak which grows in Germany. History as a result of which the mighty tree received own postal address occurred in the 19th century. It is considered that the one who will send the letter to the well-known tree will surely meet the love.

And here lovers of the whole world send Giuliette`s letters to Verona. They address the Shakespearean heroine for council in love affairs. And everyone receives the answer. It is possible to write to the legendary heroine even in Russian, among Juliette`s “secretaries“ there are those who know Russian.

You can write paper letters too and feel that in them there is what people can lose, using for correspondence only the Internet and phones. It is the sincerity expressed by the beautiful, considered phrases and removed on a leaf by a hand of dear people. It is memory. And, of course, it is the signature about which we constantly forget, leaving messages on social networks.

Addresses which will be useful to you:

Magic oak: Brautigamseiche, Dodauer Forst, 23701 Eutin.

Juliette: Club di Giulietta, Via Galilei, 337133 Verona, Italia.