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What greens are popular in Georgia?

Georgian cuisine are the unusually tasty and original dishes containing many various seasonings. At the majority it is associated first of all with meat dishes or with foods in which it is obligatory to eat meat. to

However in the country, where as speak, “thrust a stick to the earth, and it in a year will give grapes“, in a large number also various greens and not only as an additive or a garnish, but also as independent dishes are used.

We already said about pkhal and about from what he is trained - it is spinach, burachny leaves, cabbage, a nettle, missed a bit... And here that it missed a bit?

Ekala , sassaaril, or in Smilax Latin - initially a weed, nobody grows up it specially. It is a bush with the curling stalks and sharp thorns, ordinary-looking by sight and very uncomfortable if to come across its thickets. But here became warmer a little, and this evil bush begins to start up gentle green escapes with small leaflets, here they - that also are necessary to us!

Thin escapes on which only - leaves only arose collect and do of them the most tasty snack and an independent dish. Ekal can boil, fill with onions, pepper, garlic and vinegar. The hostesses able to preserve close an ekala for the winter (surely with acetic essence that did not blow up). The boiled ekala is passed via the meat grinder and do pkhal, used as a stuffing in “not ferial“ khachapuris during a post. Taste is fresh, sourish, has not enough sharpness.

What else it is possible such tasty to dig in the wood? Here a small tree under the name the bladdernut Colchis , is very similar to an acacia, especially when blossoms. Be not surprised who does not know, but its beautiful florets go to food. In a blossoming season of an inflorescence of a bladdernut Colchis collect and salt. It is possible to boil, fill with vinegar and pepper too and to eat at once, but generally she is trained for the future by means of a pickles, salted with barrels! When there is a wish to eat something sour and tasty, dzhondzhol (so is called on - Georgian a bladdernut) properly wash out, add onions, garlic, vinegar - perfectly goes as a garnish. It is especially good to use dzhondzhol with “degrees“ - as snack it is simply incomparable.

Only when we buy dzhondzhol, but we do not eat the, it is necessary to be very accurate and to try before buying - some speculators salt acacia flowers instead of a bladdernut, they are very similar by sight, but not such tasty and even taste bitter. So be careful and attentive upon purchase of this delicacy on a market - to get poisoned you do not get poisoned, but will obviously eat not that it is necessary.

And here one more weed which after salting becomes wonderful snack and can be eaten and separately is of a dandura (on - Georgian), or portulak . In the south of Russia and in Ukraine portulak many mercilessly weed from the kitchen gardens and throw out, and in vain! Georgia very much respects dandur and too salt it for the winter in large numbers. By sight similar to an asparagus, is only more dark, such strong tolstenky small stalks; salted, they have a peculiar sour taste, juicy, pleasantly crackling.

Tsitsmata (or tsitsmat) grow up in greenhouses in the winter and in an open ground as soon as it becomes warm. It is very similar to spinach, only leaves more small and more brightly. These greens are not preserved, not added in any salads / stuffings, eat in the raw, well by itself, having washed and having cleared of backs and sluggish leaves. Tsitsmat has fine fresh taste with weak bitterness like mustard. These greens are very popular at all seasons of the year.

An estragon - a separate subject for conversation on popular greens in Georgia. And in Russia, in Ukraine its many know and use. Eat it fresh when it only begins to be on sale in the spring and small stalks did not stiffen, add in well-known a chakapula (meat, stewed with an estragon, onions and fresh green tkemat), preserve to prepare chakapul in the winter. Prepare with an estragon such miracle as tarkhunovy pie :

- dough (any on your taste unsweetened, but is better barmy);

- several boiled eggs;

- several cut small and fried bulbs;

- there is a lot of estragon!

Tarkhunovy leaves pluck, cut, add the overroasted onions, the cut boiled eggs, salt, pepper. It is a stuffing for tarkhunovy pie. It can be made big, in all baking sheet and to give pieces, and it is possible and to stick small pirozhochka. The main thing that there is a lot of an estragon, is the main component of a stuffing. Taste - unusual and magic, try to prepare.

We forgot to mention such standard greens as parsley, cilantro, fennel (on - Georgian Kama), a celery. All this is often used as in the raw too, and in the form of additives in various dishes. The Georgian hostess, starting preparation of a lunch, always has near at hand any greens, it will never be much - Georgians do not stint a greens additive in food. Greens and various pickles from it are on the Georgian table and on weekdays, and on holidays, likely, a combination of dishes from fresh meat and greens in large numbers - one their secrets of longevity in Georgia.