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Healing and transformation. One of ways of communication with “The highest force“

Healing and transformation. One of ways of communication with “The highest force“ If you are not religious

, it does not mean that in the world, is wider - in the Universe, there is nothing bigger than you that can come to the rescue at a difficult moment. This phenomenon was noticed not only by those who sacredly believe in Christ or Magomet, but also people never crossing (and not gathering!) to cross temple gate. The highest force is something at communication with which, suddenly “clarifies“ the person and he begins to take certain steps in that direction which to it “was specified from above“ as and comprehended something that he suddenly “realized“ begins “to demand“ some exit - change of the relation, action, and maybe an act.
How to make so that the Highest force visited you. Here, just, what should which - learn from truly religious people, they communicate with the God or by means of a prayer or meditation. Creative people sometimes do most by means of so-called “morning pages“ too.
Sit down conveniently so that your back was a straight line. Close eyes. Begin to monitor the breath: breath and exhalation. It does not mean to follow a breath or an exhalation. Catch some point between a nose and an upper lip. When you inhale air, feel the movement of air in this point.
If come some thoughts, carry out them by a slow look as the clouds floating on the sky.
Sitting directly blindly, move the attention to heart and remember everything for what you feel gratitude in life.
Make firm intention to release from themselves all grief, a regret, offenses, estrangement which accumulated in your heart. Then, if you want, you can return them. But now it is important to be released completely: let they will leave for the period of meditation!
A thank God or the Highest Force now for what is in your life. Not just thank, and experience this gratitude in a body. Continuing to breathe and hold this point between a nose and an upper lip. Now several times repeat
: “Thy will be done!“ That whom you address - it you solve: God, Christ, Buddha, Allah, Holy Spirit or the Highest force, or Universal Consciousness.
Continuing to hold a point, try to breathe slowly.
If to you was succeeded to slow down breath, send the consciousness to heart, experience heartbeat.
If it works, try to slow down heartbeat. If you slowly breathe, then it is almost automatically slowed down. Then send to
the consciousness to palms and finger-tips. Experience heat and an easy pricking in them. Continuing to breathe slowly, hold a point between between a nose and an upper lip. Then send to
the consciousness of an eye. Feel a blood pulsation - in the beginning in them, and then in all person.
the consciousness can be directed after that to those parts of a body which demand restoration, healing. Or just extend the consciousness on all organism. It will find what needs restoration and healing. Feel a blood pulsation, inflow of heat and an easy pricking in it is silent places of a body. Repeat
about yourself: “Healing and transformation“. Feel how consciousness, light fill each cell of a body. Do not lose the breath, feeling of a point.
“ Healing and transformation“. Felt - repeated. Felt - repeated. Now redirect to
the consciousness to heart. Then in breath. In several seconds open eyes.