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Vivienne Westwood. Well-educated hooligan?

“A secret - in self-sufficiency. In ability to be a personality, to be happy with by itself. It is difficult. But life will give all the rest to you as a gift“.

U it eye of the naughty little girl. It has a shock of red hair. It has a character of the rebel. She is Vivienne Westwood.

Today she is known as the expert and the creator of the whole fashionable era. The Queen closes eyes to her impudent tricks, and British are proud of her. But everything began it is absolutely not so iridescent...

Vivienne was born in 1941 in the provincial town. Since the childhood it shocked the well-educated parents and neighbors with extravagant dresses. Already then the girl began to alter old dresses and jackets of elder sisters on the taste.

Vivienne`s family was rather poor, and for the younger daughter they had no money for a good education. Having realized it, Vivienne decides that the successful marriage can become successful escape from severe reality. But the guess did not come true. The girl with such explosive character, a creative fuse and thirst of life cannot become a housewife.

Divorce with the husband became the first step on the way to a meteoric career in the world of fashion and to the second beloved. By the way, the producer of scandalous punks of “Sex Pistols“ Malkom McLaren became him. Vmesete of Vivienne with it opened little shop of fashionable clothes in London. And then - that began magic...

Vivienne dressed hooligans of “Sex Pistols“, their fans and children who just wanted to look abruptly. It sewed defiant, provocative clothes for rebels. But unexpectedly for herself she created the whole fashionable era. Punks of the whole world are obliged to this woman by mohawks, chains, t-shirts and other similar attributes.

By the way, Westwood thought up t-shirts with various slogans and prints. What is only costed by those on which the English queen with the lip punched by a pin is represented! At the same time, despite the improbable popularity, Westwood did not even consider herself as the fashion designer.

Over time popularity of punks gradually passed. But Westwood`s star was not that grade so just to die away. Vivienne once again was engaged in search of and created new Westwood - for podiums of Paris.

It found itself in romanticism of a historical suit. But to copy what was created to it - not in its style. Its works innovative, they are penetrated by admiration of the woman, fragility, seducement. And rebellious character of the designer adds to Westwood`s collections “perchinka“ - wide collars, unusual fabrics, extravagant finishing.

It is necessary to mention also footwear from Vivienne. Despite the punk past, Westwood does not imagine the woman without heels. Shoes of its work are very tall heels and magnificent platforms. From such the supermodel Naomi Campbell made the well-known “podiumny“ falling.

Now Westwood carries the proud title “Ladies of the British Empire“ (this rank the Queen awards personally). In its arsenal several fashion lines for different audience, a retail network worldwide and tireless desire to create. An excellent example of what can achieve if in time to take the life in hand!