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Whether it is possible to write the letter on heaven?

Not only different religions, but also modern psychologists advise to learn to be the grateful person. The gratitude can be addressed to the specific person or group of people (ancestors, teachers), or the highest forces (to the Universe, god). Both in the ancient time, and today it is considered that the gratitude ennobles the person, does him better, helps to overcome egoism. the gratitude is shown by

In the different countries variously: words, gifts, reciprocal help; in South America, for example, people prefer to thank Saints in an art form, devoting them retablos .

Originally retablos altar lists in Spain were called, but in modern Latin America retablos are pictures with the description of a plot, the narration how the person received the help from this or that Saint, and gratitude to it. As a rule, retablos are carried out in a naive manner or independently, or are ordered to special artists. In fact, these pictures no other than letters of thanks on heaven.

Before the beginning of the 20th century retablos only wealthy people were able to afford the order, and their gratitudes were carried out on canvases by oil paints. Then this way of an open prayer was reduced the price and became available to all. The Mexican artists Frida Khalo and Diego Rivera who collected the big collection which is exhibited and now in their house museum were admirers of this unique cultural current. It is possible to tell that Frida Khalo`s painting contains influence of this national type of painting - some of its cloths obviously remind retablos.

Modern retablos are carried out on a rectangular piece of a tin and then as a century or two back, belong in the next cathedral where they are hanged out on walls. As tens, and even hundreds of similar letters come every day, change them very often, destroying or selling old.

For what people thank Madonna and Saints in the retablos? The reasons for gratitude there is a great variety. Some of them are serious - it is gratitude for the kept health, for safe childbirth, recovery after operations or wounds; one people thank for happy family life and for good work, others - for the been pets.

Others retablos can raise a smile of sceptics: for example, gratitude of Benedictine sisters to the Saint Pascual Baylon who helped them to make tasty sauce which very much was pleasant to the archbishop who arrived on a visit to the monastery. Some retablos are created on behalf of animals - the grateful cats who found a shelter and kind owners.

In retablos find the reflection and social problems - prostitution, cultivation and sale of marijuana, firefight on streets, homosexuality.

As tourists began to show genuine interest to retablos, in the markets and the Internet - auctions fakes began to appear. Many of them already narrate about absolutely fantastic events - for example, about the vampire - the vegetarian who stole from people fruit from the refrigerator; or about Martians who tried to kidnap a certain woman, but, frightened of a dog, took away only her house-shoes; or about reasonable octopuses who showed to the lucky person where at the bottom sea it is possible to find a casket with piracy treasures. However, maybe, it only manifestation of the imagination, fairy tale in pictures and the word “fake“ - too rough characteristic for them.

The most part modern retablos is created in Mexico. It is possible to call drawing national hobby of Mexicans, and they draw almost always in a naive manner - both at school, and at adult age. But drawing - rather good habit, as well as ability to thank - a composure sign.