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Why our youth goes to Moscow and St. Petersburg?

Unfortunately, I at hand have no statistics which dry figures often speak (and from time to time shout!) more eloquently than any, most skilled and experienced speakers. But the problem on which I would like to stop today is not fabricated. When only began

, took itself on firm of children and little girls right after institute. Let it is a little more knowledge, but there is a desire to work. And when there is a desire, a lot of things can be made. Even to pull up trees. Before, thank God, did not reach, we did not pull up the tree, the rivers and the railroads did not partition off, but experts left children quite good. However, in business there was only one. So far remained. Another left on civil service. There now not only is more honourable, but also it is favorable (the salary is paid good and, unlike business - it is stable). And two - went to Moscow. Now work in the large, respected in the branches firms at good positions with not less good money.

Two of four. If for someone it - not an indicator, look around, look narrowly attentively. Personally I can call straight off several acquaintances at whom sons (or daughters) went to Moscow. Or to St. Petersburg. And if not there, so to the States. Finland or Sweden. Here why, it is asked, to them this Moscow?

When to me was approximately as much how many now to these guys and little girls, so even in thoughts was not: I want to Moscow! Yes well, there such melancholy - and - and - and... It is green - green. Well, I do not want to live in a bog!

To Moscow, to Moscow heroines of Chekhov were torn. But they wanted there to escape from the empty, not filled with some spiritual beginning, provincial life. The present generation of young people made what three sisters could not make. They arrived to Moscow. But not in order that to create something. They need money. Behind it they also arrived. Someone succeeded in it, works at a good position. In solid firm. It is not necessary to someone. And the bartender at restaurant - will descend. In cash. At good money! And in Moscow. Here it, happiness! What else it is necessary?.

There are also those to whom it would be necessary more. They, working as bartenders, waiters, sellers - labor market in Moscow, unlike the province - big, capacious and various, study somewhere. As a rule, on correspondence. In hope to slightly breed and press those who already sat down at offices.

But it - as who and from where begins the way to big money - already particulars. The main thing - to money. To them. Slowly, slowly, but we became a consumer society. Society which eats, but does not think.

The youth leaves the province. To Moscow. And the province loses the best that it has. Young, vigorous, eager for something, wishing to change something (at least - in the life) and going forward. Because it is possible to be realized only there, in Moscow. And it is a disturbing symptom. If this is so, then in the long term we risk to be transformed to the specific Moscow principality which needs neither Voronezh, nor Petrozavodsk, nor Kaliningrad.

But if the province is not necessary to Moscow, then why the hell Moscow to the province?! That is those centrifugal forces which began to work with disorder of the Union did not disappear. They act. Only already a little in other plane. Now it is declared not by politicians. They - that just - for a vertical. Residents of the country speak about it the legs. Her ordinary citizens. And the most mobile and their active part - youth. And it - is much stronger. More terribly.

The country, generally, - not one city. And when it is narrowed to one big megalopolis, stops being the country.

Why Canadians welcome immigration? Because they should occupy deserted regions of the North. There are no people - there is no country. And at us on the contrary. We do not occupy. We work for that in the long term in this or that district of people did not become. Young people - left. To give birth there is nobody. There was a country and... It is absent. Because there were no people.

So far we still hold a level. Because to the place of left others come. In the regional centers - from areas. To areas - from Chechnya, Ossetia, Ingushetia. Or the same immigrants, as well as in Canada. But from Tajikistan. Or Kyrgyzstan. Here only the matter is that they come not just like that. They bring with themselves the foundations, customs. And it is natural. They not in vacuum grew up. They were brought up in traditions of that earth on which were born. Here only this way it developed that they had to live in other place. Then why for us the same Kondopoga events (September, 2006) are so surprising ? And this city from me - 46 km on the North, on the Murmansk track. Hour of a way. It is our life. Here it... Such what it is.

The country is uniform when at it both the center, and the periphery are strong. Then the province is proud of itself. Such what it is. Also the message vanishes that it is necessary to leave this bog, while the getting is good. Did not acquire a family, children yet...

And that the province was strong, it has to be financially self-sufficient. The tax reform which is accurately differentiating the budgetary income on levels - federal, regional, municipal is necessary. These taxes - in the budget of the settlement, and these (others) - in the budget of area. But at all not as now, when a basis of our budgetary system - the so-called regulating taxes. It when we will leave such - the percent of it is a tax of area. And such - that percent of the same tax - to municipalities. Will not be enough for them - we will send the grant (subvention) from Moscow. And?! Result?

Nobody wants to work at places. What for? Today you will work well, tomorrow will reduce the percent left to you from a tax. And argument simple: “Why to you it is a lot of?“ And you will work badly - the abyss will not be given. Will send a subvention. If, of course, you are obedient.

Therefore a power vertical - only the myth. It is not at current approaches to a country government. Also will not be. Just because without strong province there will be no strong country. And now the strong province is necessary to nobody. Obedient is necessary. The youth sees it. Also does not want to live so. Leaves. Votes legs. Therefore now the speech any more not about us. And about those who will be after us. But if after us what we observe now, those who later, any more will not live in Russia develops. Because that - will not be.

Perhaps someone will tell: it is too pessimistic. The author is right or not, will be able to confirm only time. Time will tell. But anyway, in my opinion, something should be changed in this life. And as soon as possible. Still not late.