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In what sexuality secret?

The matter is that sexuality - a universal key to realization of any desires. Any, my friends!... Here you will refuse to give a ride to the girl of your dream on other end of the city? Even if there is no hope for acquaintance continuation? Certainly, agree! In the same way the lady will not be able to refuse a request to “the hero of the novel“. Why the nature is so unfair

: someone from the birth possesses this gold key, “magic“ gift, and the others vegetate on boondocks? Actually the nature it is absolute at anything here: access to “a gold key“ is opened for one and all. So let`s take it, at last.

Tell what prevents personally you to have success in an opposite sex? Appearance pumped up, are dressed not “haute couture“, a purse empty? Such is a standard set of excuses - and as it is far from truth! You judge: at the first meeting when that sparkle flashes, nobody checks a condition of your finance, estimates captiously a suit and a make-up (especially as tastes differ). What plays a role?

We will analyse point by point strategy of sexual behavior. Everything begins with the moment when you drew attention to yourself. Certainly, here appearance is important - but it does not guarantee success at all. In - the first, beauty - concept relative: someone likes “legs from ears“, and someone is crazy about “Thumbelinas“ … In - the second, can attract attention not only unearthly beauty, but also an extraordinary act, manners...

The following step - acquaintance continuation. Here appearance pales into insignificance at all: it is important whether you are able to gain the interlocutor, to show how he is pleasant to create you, generally, for him the most comfortable conditions. Such that he did not want to leave you. Then you begin to be estimated also as the sexual partner - even if so far and the thought does not arise “about it“.

But if reached “before“, do not doubt: neither your legs, nor your social status are actual any more. As well as “next morning“: if with you it was comfortable and pleasant to the person, the relations on it will not end.

As you can see, everyone irrespective of appearance can become sexually attractive. Why it not always happens? First of all it is necessary to understand: whether you want it? Whether are sure that are ready to stand out sharply from the crowd, to become a constant subject of the estimating views whether agree that all and will always perceive you, first of all, not as the personality, not as the person clever or extraordinary and how “object of desires“? Are ready?

Then we will start training. Of course, completely to solve a problem without expert - that is called, without leaving the house - it is impossible, but nevertheless this psychotraining will allow to achieve considerable success.

of the Rendezvous with a star

For a start let`s watch film. You sit down more conveniently, close eyes and present the screen. Start the movie where you play a major role. Only it not absolutely you, and yours “ideal model“, the person able to be “the most charming and attractive“. You move, communicate with people around - and try to catch on yourself delighted looks. As soon as you believe that on the screen you, but not the fictional character, - safely walk forward to merge with “movie star“. Stay within the movie until to you it does not become cozy in a new image. Here such feeling of a cosiness, comfort - is also a sign that you are ready to become sexual.

, How much now sexuality?

As we already understood

, it is not enough to update clothes, to grow thin or be recoloured. Other is necessary absolutely: to raise the sexual self-assessment. What it consists of? The gene psychology allocates five composed:

1. Conscious self-assessment. We compare ourselves to others, we watch their reaction to our appearance and behavior, we draw conclusions according to which we change image and we correct behavior.

2. The internal self-assessment shows how you estimate yourself subconsciously. Quite often the person mind understands that he is pleasant and attractive, and at heart considers himself as an ugly duckling - and sends the corresponding signal to people around. It is no wonder that, communicating with it, people trust not own eyes, but this “hypnosis“.

3. Actual cost. This how you are estimated by others, and not specific Petya or Masha, and most of people. Unfortunately, this “composed“ most often it is for us secret behind seven seals: we are inclined either to underestimate, or to overestimate ourselves.

4. Ostentatious cost. “to bid up“, uses a wide range of tricks: from provocative dresses to plastic surgery. But … the more forces and means were demanded by the next attempt to outwit the nature and society, the clearer both the person, and people around feel falseness.

5. Additional cost. Including themselves insufficiently attractive, some try “to score points“ with different ways: grow rich, do career and so on. What in itself is remarkable, has no relation only to sexuality.

And now - attention! From the called five points four corrections easily give in: for this purpose it is worth putting on, listening properly to opinion of people around or to admit to itself that neither the high position, nor plastic surgery will help to win hearts. And here point second is very stable: it is necessary to change not outside here, and from within! However without it we will achieve nothing.

the Complex in short panties

the Task difficult, but feasible. And to solve it, it will be required … to make a trip to the past: it will allow to understand where and when under what circumstances complexes which do not allow to become more sexual arose and were fixed in your subconsciousness.

Before going a way, make the list of the beliefs preventing you to reveal. Perhaps, played a role the sexual dissatisfaction descended: it is enough to remember how our parents, grandmothers and grandfathers treated sex how shameful even innocent hints “about it“ were considered.

Quite often stir the negative installations inspired by “a family and school“ - all these stamps about “dissolute women“ and “lewd ladies` men“, that “sex is a dirt“ and other, other, other. Of course, today you hardly so consider, but everything remembers your subconsciousness - and protects from “dirt“. Remember, remember: having only honestly admitted to itself everything, it is possible to undertake time machine levers.

And now present that you are a small child whom floor questions do not interest yet. It is that blank sheet on which people around here - here will begin to apply silly letters. Pass on a time scale forward till the moment when for the first time in this subject something seriously affected you when the first sexual complex began to be formed. Perhaps, someone from adults shamed when you kissed the neighbor in a sandbox, or children are more senior “the groom and the bride“ teased? Watch how the kid - you - the unlimited number of years was confused, frightened back! Record this moment, return to the present - and give yourself small the correct installations, inspire the normal, harmonious relation to a problem.

And now enter an image of the child again - and accept this “humanitarian aid“. Every time, finding “ambush“ in the past, repeat this experiment. Be more attentive to that girl or that boy who live in depth of your soul. What is not enough for she (he)? Self-confidence? High self-assessment? Commitment? Independence? Give each of these qualities.

You consider, as now you do not possess some of them? Perhaps, but nevertheless at least once in life you showed both that, and another, and the third! Otherwise you would even not think that you lack it. The person cannot want some sweet, having never tried it! So remember any situation when you “were on a horse“ (not obligatory at all to involve sexual experience!) revive all these feelings in memory - and share them with the child. By the way, having transferred a power beam, do not forget to be postponed to a minute in the past and to accept a pass.

How it seems to you, the child became other? Let`s check: return to the reference point and live all these years up to today anew - realizing qualities which just got. For certain in many situations you will behave differently - and people will perceive absolutely in a different way you. So you will create to yourself a certain virtual biography - believe, from now on not the real past, namely it will begin to define your future.

All people as people, and I am a queen!

it is a high time for h2 to be convinced by

I of it now. Where there “movie star“, your ideal image which we met right at the beginning? Address it for council: what today`s is not enough for you for happiness as it is better to behave what experiences disturb? With gratitude accept councils and a charge of energy - and now, already “fully equipped“, pass a little forward on a time scale, modeling the near future. Communicate with friends and foes, you strike up acquaintances - already in a new way, without being afraid of anything, nobody without being confused, with confidence in own appeal.

Also you remember: only you know about your latent defects. Your competitors are sometimes capable to make out them - but you do not need their love so their opinion does not interest you. All others prefer to look at your advantages - especially if you skillfully show them!