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What are parachutists of the whole world obliged to the Russian actor by?

Everyone who jumped with a parachute, will agree that it was one of the most concerning moments in his life. But whether somebody how, apparently, the usual backpack behind shoulders allows to survive after falling from huge height reflected?

the “Magic“ backpack was invented by the Russian actor Gleb Kotelnikov. About it is written not so much. It is known only that in 1911 he became the witness of tragic death of the pilot Lev Matsiyevich during air show in St. Petersburg. This event also moved Kotelnikov on improvement of a parachute. He left theater and devoted the life to prevention of death in air.

Of course, at the beginning of the 20th century parachutes already existed and were actively used for jumps. But they were so difficult and bulky that just did not allow to leave quickly falling plane. Rescue of life required adaptation more simply. It is that and the actor Gleb Kotelnikov invented.

The first parachutes were far imperfect. Pilots easily could get confused in them or at all lose a saving backpack during flight. Kotelnikov selected the main requirements to a parachute:

- it has to be inseparable from the pilot during flight;

- it has to open automatically (in case the pilot will faint).

Kotelnikov developed several options meeting these requirements including the parachute with a protective helmet attached to a body by a belt and the parachute attached to a body in several places by a difficult harness. Eventually, the ideal model in a rigid satchel which reliably fastened to the pilot`s body turned out. The invention received the name RK - 1 (the Russian Kotelnikov 1).

To an exhaust ring of a parachute it was attached by the strong cord which is reliably recorded in the pilot`s cabin at the emergency escape of the plane it stretched and pulled out a ring. The pilot could and put independently the mechanism in action, having pulled a ring.

Before introducing the invention in life, Kotelnikov made many experiments, for example, experiment on a race circuit. The inventor tried on on himself the child and took the wheel of the racing car. Having dispersed a car to a limit, it pulled a cord. The parachute was completely developed and, overcoming wind resistance, flew by behind car to a full stop. So it is possible to call Gleb Kotelnikov not only the developer of a backpack with a parachute, but also the inventor of a brake parachute.

The head engineering department repeatedly refused to start up RK - 1 in production. Kotelnikov`s parachute really could save not one life, but it seemed to military that pilots will begin to leave planes with a backpack behind shoulders at the first signs of danger. It will be safer to throw expensive equipment, but not to try to put it. “Iron“ was more important than human life.

In Europe the invention was apprehended with a bang. Only during World War I the imperial government, at last, recognized Kotelnikov`s development. The objectives of the inventor were achieved: the Russian and European pilots used new convenient parachutes.

Since then the design was supplemented more than once, and now even the beginner with the shivering knees can not be afraid for the life, putting on a protective backpack.