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It is beautiful not to tell lies - a story not to tell? From life of Lenfilm. Whether one of tank stories of

it is easy to find the tank for shootings? When show historical movies “about war“, especially about its first stage, there tanks of the end of war or at all post-war pretty often defile.

I it is good still if - 34 - 85 do of T “as if“ T German - IV (a sample of the middle of war) or even “Tiger“, podvarivy falseness - armor, doing falseness - a tower and attaching the false muzzle brake “a`la Tiger“ for the end of a trunk. And here when instead of T - 26 or BT post-war T - 44 go into battle, or in one fight two T - 34 - 85 meet, only on one of them the star is drawn, and on another there is a cross (as if to foreknow whom to count lined in this fight)... And if the director demands for shooting about war precisely and the tank T - 34 old samples, with the 76th millimetric gun?

For shooting “Lark“, about hopeless escape from tank T captivity - 34 with crew from prisoners of war, the director of the movie demanded historical truth. And the production manager needed only to get out of skin of wons - but to find and deliver demanded.

Unfortunately, the Ministry of Defence already published the directive according to which all outdated tanks went for melting. Them and so - that there were units. Escaped. The won, beaten, but not burned down and rescued crews. And here... As a result what escaped in war irrevocably died from - for some silly person.

But the tank for shootings, nevertheless, it was necessary to find. Fortunately, the production manager managed to learn that somewhere in the woods of the Karelian Isthmus there is a certain tank part which commander in war served as a mechanic - the driver on T - 34 still of an old sample. And at the old soldier the hand just was not raised to hand over the old man - the veteran on melting. Cinema-men drove up to it and began to persuade. Persuaded to transfer temporarily the film studio tank for shootings, to temporary use.

All in shootings several tanks were used as if. One was - actually the tank T - 34 - 76. The second was strongly reduced model in which the small petrol engine and the crooked driver of the model - for the combined shootings hardly was placed. Everything how many - nibud destructive scenes were shot on models with use of the model of the tank. And even for shootings of some episodes in the tank the exercise machine of tank school, in fact - just cut tank was used.

During stage shootings for pass - the tank models of buildings, power lines and even oil depot were constructed. Which it also broke with the maximum reliability, nobody noticed anything. And here when the real tank broke the real “German“ monument which was specially constructed for this purpose - there were clever men who did not believe.

The movie was shot in Zakarpatye, in the area Mukachevo-Uzhhorod. Local nature, as envisioned by the director, resembled appearance the German villages of that war. For a long time became Mukachevo the basis for a film crew. The city on which relatively recently three times war - in that, in other party swept was intimidated. Tanks, the German officers in a brand new form... The relations were improved only after crowd scenes with participation of local population and the subsequent honest payment of this participation were shot.

For a role of the German officer Bruno Oya was chosen. Become subsequently very famous actor of cinema, before shootings he was a performer of jazz songs at Astoria restaurant in Riga. Shooting in the movie “Lark“ cardinally changed his life. The restaurant chansonnier had a serious actor`s talent. And the German officers and other roles after that he played much. (I follow the version of the story-teller - the actor already played several roles that moment though, definitely, it had a glory still ahead.)

In general, stories when shootings this movie there was the whole heap. For example, one of the main heroes of a picture, in view of absence at the right time of stuntmen, itself got for shooting of an episode under the tank.

There was an episode in which the prisoner of war after escape is caught up by a pursuit with dogs, but there is a run-away tank T - 34, runs on escaped, and that via the hatch in the bottom gets into the tank and escapes from a pursuit. The schedule broke - and the actor offered himself as the stuntman... The tank approached, ran, did not crush it, process of shootings went further...

Shooting of a pursuit was conducted more than seriously - one dog from participating in shootings of a pursuit was wounded about the tank. But on it everything began to live as on a dog.

The actor was given an award in 75 rubles! Which half was right there spent for cognac - as stressosnimayushchy. And then, after removal of a stress, the actor, strongly being confused, asked to replace to it boots... It turned out that though everything well passed, it hardly pulled out a leg from a boot which nevertheless clamped a caterpillar. For further shootings it was necessary or to repair capitally a boot, or to give to the actor new.

... And the film studio did not return the tank after shootings to part. Zazhilila. There was a tank on a film studio.