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Whether the science in a roulette can help to win?

“Are known to us that in a roulette there can be no systems. It is told by all scientists - mathematicians. A roulette the system in itself, and all other systems against it are powerless, otherwise, arithmetics - nonsense“. J. London “The kid has dreams“.

of the Casino in Monte - Carlo is the whole world with the rules and with the legendary persons. Many rules of the well-known casino were established still “daddy“ by Francois Blan.

For example, originally on a game roulette wheel there were two zero numbers (“zero“). When these numbers dropped out, all relied went to advantage of a casino. Francois Blan left only one zero on a wheel, having a little increased probability of a prize for players and having half reduced the income of a casino. Meanwhile profitability of such modified roulette increased. At the expense of what? Because the number of the players seriously hoping for a prize increased. The wheel changed by F. Blan got accustomed in all European casinos and therefore it is called “European“. In the “American“ roulette on a wheel there were still two zero.

Other advertizing course increasing the number of players at a table with a roulette was thought up too by F. Blan. If one player won money more, than was available on a table at present, the croupier solemnly and sadly declared that “the bank is broken“. Game at the “ruined“ table stopped, and this table became covered per day with mourning fabric. Naturally, all visitors of a casino right there learned about the occurred “misfortune“. And, naturally, “tried on on themselves“ foreign success: if someone was lucky why Fortuna should not smile to me?

But Fortuna there is a lady unsmiling. It as told the Lake. Bender, medical fact. For all history of existence of a casino in Monte - Carlo only two persons could enter a legend, having broken the bank at the table covered with green cloth.

Joseph Jagger (Joseph Hobson Jagger) (1830-1892 ) was the first of them . By hearsay, it is necessary the remote relative to the leading singer of Rolling Stones ensemble Mick Jagger. But Joseph Jagger was not a thoughtless singer, but the person especially positive. It worked as the engineer at weaving mill in Yorkshire.

Engineering education and passion to gamblings led J. Jagger to reasonable thought. The wheel of each roulette at least is a little, but differs from ideal. Small imperfections lead to the fact that some numbers drop out on this roulette more often than the others. For verification of the theory J. Jagger began to keep the register of the results which are dropping out on one of roulette wheels in Monte`s casino - Carlo. Six his assistants kept similar records, sitting at six other tables in the same casino.

J. Jagger`s hypothesis okzatsya is right. Some numbers behind one of gambling tables dropped out more often than others. Moreover, it was possible with big degree of probability to foretell when and what number will drop out. On July 7, 1875 Joseph Jagger entered fight against a casino Beaux Arts in Monte - Carlo. Using the opening, in three days he won 60 thousand pounds (or 120 thousand dollars). This sum is equivalent to 6 million dollars in the present prices. The casino suffered serious financial losses.

Not to allow J. Jagger to the game hall of an occasion was not, but owners of a casino took precautionary measures. Having noticed that Jagger played at the same table, they disposed to rearrange tables, having changed thereby “happiness wheels“. Having come to a casino and having begun game, Jagger found: its system ceased to work. Losses began. Jagger did not doubt the system and, having got accustomed, saw that a wheel on which he plays now, another. Scratch which he noticed earlier, no! Having stopped game and having passed across the hall, Jagger found “the“ roulette in other place. And two more days he won against a casino!

However, he lost this two-day prize the next day. In a night the management ordered to trade places all metal limiters separating from each other cells on a roulette wheel and by that “nullified“ results of supervision of J. Jagger. That anybody had no opportunity to anew collect statistics, limiters began to rearrange before each game day.

J. Jagger, being a sane Englishman, thought that - Carlo he collected the harvest in Monte, and left home with honestly earned money.

This story at first was played in life, and then was described in Jack London`s story “The kid has dreams“, but already in relation to severe everyday life of Klondike. The hero of the story Smok Belyyu finds some sequence of loss of numbers on a local roulette and uses the opening. He steadily wins on a roulette until owners of a casino redeemed from it a secret for serious money. After Smok Belyyu told them “secret“, the reason of the “wrong“ work of a roulette was right there found. The roulette was near a hot oven, and the wooden wheel cracked, stopped being symmetric. Miracles do not happen!

Or nevertheless happen?.