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Why in Sochi it is difficult to buy good food and qualitative alcohol? As not “to kick the bucket“ in the Olympic capital of

Krasnodar Krai, and the city of Sochi - paradise for vegetable growing and cultivation of fruit. Magnificent environment! It would seem, all counters of shops of future Olympic capital have to be filled up with local production. However, something improbable is created and illogical. Let`s return to the last century for a moment.

About twenty years ago I was in Sochi and I remember how vacationers buckets brought from the South fruit home. Apricots, plums, cherry plum and so forth. That there was fruit paradise. Cheap paradise. Now I was surprised. In - the first, all (I emphasize - ALL!) fruit and vegetables are more expensive, than in Moscow!
In - the second, uninterruptedly goes import goods. Even tomatoes, cucumbers - and that very often Turkish! And it in the district where thrust a stick to the earth or seedling tomato, and you will collect red tomatoes by buckets soon.

Two decades ago each house rolled in grapes rods. Now in the city more and more stone facades, expensive gate, heavy blocks of conditioners buzz, and greens and garden fruit it is few. Each house is pass - hotel. That Sochi that I learned twenty years ago, was one thousand times simpler, but more green, fruit, house. As for the prices, with confidence I will tell that on food they almost on above and above Moscow. On a meat row, sausages, briskets, sausages by my calculations, the prices are higher Moscow for 20 - 30%. And quality - is worse.

I no offense tell it to local producers, but I tried many types of a meat gastronomy. I saw, and more than once as on counters of small shops sausage of almost green color lies. For such color of food on a counter it is possible to close shop actually at once.

I am sure, problems with the organization of food security in Sochi are. The narrow range of food, shortage of extensive network shops, high prices, weak presence of domestic producer on counters.

Problems with the organization of deliveries of fresh products to the region and their safety in an appropriate look and quality - here that needs to be solved. Yes, “traffic jams“ across all Krasnodar Krai, and especially, on a site Krasnodar - Sochi terrible. There are caravans of vans with products. With a freezing. Also trucks get stuck in traffic jams, and the heat scorches a body, conditioners - refrigerators break. Then the goods instantly begin to spoil in a body. And is up to one destination faster - Sochi - in any way. A jam on a jam.

Probably, local authorities should use more actively a railway line of delivery of perishable goods for needs of Sochi. That is, railroad. And it is even better that local producers would fill up counters with the production. Directly from fields and farms. And what? Reaped the harvest - and directly in shops. Or in a certain integrated municipal food base. Everything would be and is fresher, and is cheaper. Generally, is what to work on.

And to tourists it is possible to advise to look carefully at color and to smell a smell of products. First of all, perishable, like a boiled sausage. Cottage cheese, for example, sour it becomes instant. Boiled sausages turn green. It is rather safe to buy expensive smoked sausages. Salty fish. Canned food. To a frost. And it is even better as yoga to be fed with energy of the sea, curative air of majestic mountains. They to peaks the reach for clouds, for space. So, and it is possible to derive vital strength from space.

If you are nervous under the Sochi sky from - for the available inconveniences, inevitable for any traveler. If slightly “thrashes“ you because that you were bought up or overheated on the sun. If there is a wish to have a bite at night and it turned out that bought the impaired a little sausage. If it is necessary to calm down, that is an exit! You need a product under the name “KUKUSIKI“. It is small, simple and, the main thing, nourishing food. Has property to naturally sate a body and to pacify spirit.

Only it is also necessary for you that to bite a little these creaking things. To make by it pokukusik. What the miracle - food is? Well, all right: it is about usual fried sunflower seeds. Thought up such cool name! “Kukusika“. In the capital I did not see a similar brand. “Kukusika“ - usual sunflower seeds, but the name … Amused me. Quality is more than average, but gnaw them, say about yourself several times a type introduction: “I chew
I I do not blow in short moustaches!“.
(author`s verses).
I - you do not long, do not blow in short moustaches. However, it is only lyrical digression from a subject of food supply of the city of Sochi.

Several words about the companion of the holiday-maker - alcohol. As for vodka, cognac, chacha that to drink them on the Sochi heat - business terrible. Besides, fakes - weight. Most safely - beer. But in the south of people is drawn nevertheless more towards a product from solar berries, towards wine. To drink wine in the south - it is natural.

In mass media there passed information that one of builders who bought alcohol (homemade chacha) in the usual market in Adler died. Yes, when you go to the beach, can impose to you to buy from dealers of wine or even chacha. Type, all house. Well, houses are perfectly diluted terrible substitutes! Also can happen so: bought on the way to the beach a homemade product, cheerfully, drank it with toasts, went to be refreshed in the sea. And there sharply cramped a stomach, and …

It is checked by experience of many vacationers: buy wine in a factory packing. But, if pulls on home-made wine (by the way, one dealer wrote the announcement on gate of the private house: “I sell a domestic wine, but not wine!“), buy only according to recommendations of other vacationers. From among those who already drank this wine and survived and it is healthy. Take to start similar self-made drink only a trifle. On test. One baklazhka 1,5 liters on several people. Test and wait for result.

Thus, the problem with food supply of Sochi exists, and it is recognized even by local authorities. The largest city in the south of the Russian Federation, the city - diamond, of course, does not starve. But accuracy at consumption of the food bought in the Sochi shops will not prevent any tourist. Local lyud knows, as a rule, where and in what place it is the best of all and what to buy. Where more safely, cheaper, is fresher.

The tourist does not own this knowledge. I hope that some recommendations in this article will help to avoid that poisoning will sadden your rest. Important “not to kick the bucket“ from - for the products spoiling on a heat and fake binge.“ To kick the bucket“ in the Olympic capital, maybe, and prestigiously, especially in 2014 - m to year, but should not include in the plans of the inquisitive tourist. Do not mourn that it is necessary to limit itself in something in food. Eventually, the tourist goes to Sochi not in order that, as they say, to fill a paunch, than got and to touch a real miracle under the name Sochi.