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Why in Monte - Carlo casinos constructed?

sometimes call the Roulette “Ferris wheel“. The people grounded in superstitions seriously prove it by the fact that the sum of all numbers which can drop out in a roulette is equal 666, to “number of an animal“ from the Apocalypse, mysterious and frightening. However, in the Apocalypse there is a lot of both mysterious, and frightening.

Other people inclined in everything to see mysticism and devilry, claim that the founder of a casino in Monte - Carlo, Francois Blan (Fran ç ois Blanc) (1806-1877) , sold soul to a devil for what had an opportunity to be enriched by means of it truly “Ferris wheel“. Also it was enriched, at the same time having also enriched the Principality of Monaco known to very few people before emergence of a roulette in it.

The principality it was placed on a tiny piece of the coast of the French Riviera and on spurs of the Alps which are going down to the sea. Since 1297, that is more than 700 years, this dwarfish state the family of princes of Grimaldi operates. In 1850 - x years Grimaldi is forced to give to stronger France of two city, important for the principality, Manton and Rokbryun. It was the payment for recognition of independence of Monaco and patronage from France. In the neighborhood of the cities given to the mighty neighbor collected olives, lemons and oranges. Sale of these fruits brought in to Monaco the main incomes. Now the principality was on the verge of bankruptcy. The princely treasury was almost devastated.

At the same time in the face of all Europe the German resort towns of Baden - Baden and Bud - Homburg prospered. Here did not sow, did not reap, but reaped a plentiful monetary crop from fans of gamblings because in these towns casinos were constructed.

“Casino“ - in translation from Italian “lodge“. So in 18 - m called a century small coffee houses in which inhabitants of the neighboring houses gathered in the evenings. Saw (not only coffee), played cards or other games. Much later the same word began to call magnificent institutions where gambled.

The spouse of the prince Florestan I (1785-1856) ruling at that time in Monaco , Carolina Zhiber (1793-1879) , was an actress. She could not brag of a notable origin, but differed in judiciousness and an insight. According to her advice in Monaco decided to organize the resort with sea bathings and with a casino. The first casino was opened in 1856 in the town of Kondamin.

And here with the organization of the resort business went worse. In those days Monaco could call the good vacation spot. Here from the nearest railway station, the French city of Nice, it was necessary to reach on crew nearly the whole day. So persons interested to have a rest in this wildish corner of the Mediterranean appeared very little. Respectively, halls of a casino were empty also the income on which organizers counted, it did not bring.

Carolina which became a widow/widower by then got down to business. In - the first, she disposed to move the building of a casino to the new place. It now in Monaco is not present the vacant earth. But was still 150 years ago where to grow. Over the coast the wild mountain pitted by caves towered. It was called Karl (“Monte Carlo`s“) mountain in honor of the new set-in monarch, the son Florestan I and the princess Koroliny, Charles III (1818-1889) . Here in 1859 built the new building of a casino. The personal secretary of the princess went to Germany “to entice“ Francois Blan in Monaco. Blan did not accept the invitation at once. Then the princess tried to influence the pighead “on the female line“. From madam Blan she made friends even during the first visit in Bud - Homburg. Knowing about poor health of the girlfriend, Carolina advised to move her, of course, together with the husband to paradise coast of the Mediterranean Sea.

At last, in 1863 the French businessman agreed to be engaged in the organization of a casino in Monte - Carlo. The company which collected the capital in 15 million francs was for this purpose created. Francois Blanc received concession on operation of a casino within 50 years with the obligation to deduct annually ten percent of the income in treasury of the Principality of Monaco.

As it appeared, for Francois Blan moving to Monaco was very timely because in 1870 gamblings in Germany were forbidden also a casino in Bud - Homburge had to close.

But the casino in Monte - Carlo began to blossom. In 1868 through Monaco there passed the railroad from Nice to Genoa and the principality stopped being “the deaf province by the sea“. And in 1878 - 1879 active Francois Blan initiated reorganization of the plain building of a casino. The project of the new building was developed by the architect Charles Garnie (Charles Garnier) (1825-1898) . It designed the magnificent building of the opera in Paris. This building began to be built in 1861, and it could become sad unfinished construction if Francois Blan did not give to the government of the French republic a loan on completion of construction of nearly 5 million gold francs. Opening Gran - the Opera took place in 1875.

And in 1879 in Monte - Carlo built the new building of a casino issued in the same magnificent style as the Parisian opera. In this building there were not only huge game halls. The hotel and cafe, and also theatrically - the concert hall turned by the facade to the sea became an integral part of a casino in Monte - to Carlo. In such hall were not ashamed to act the most outstanding masters of the opera and ballet.

But nevertheless the casino, and in a casino - the hall in which the roulette wheel turned became the main bait in Monte - to Carlo. They say that thought up this wheel in 17 - m a century the great mathematician, the physicist and the philosopher Blaise Pascal, the first of scientists who was engaged in the analysis of gamblings. Besides, he tried to create also the perpetual motion machine. With the perpetual motion machine at B. Pascal nothing left. However the magic castor (the word “roulette“ is quite so translated from French), which still “rotates“ and enriches economy of the small Principality of Monaco and personally princely house of Grimaldi became a by-product of its works truly.