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How to prepare the apartment by New year of

New year - the most suitable time to train for a new profession in the designer and to show the art imagination. These days we are faced by a complex challenge - colourfully and with taste to decorate your house or the apartment.
needs to be Begun with a corridor because exactly here we will welcome guests and Father Frost with the Snow Maiden.
you can decorate a corridor with floor vases with fir-tree branches, New Year`s candles, color balls etc. It is in this way permissible to decorate also kitchen, and small kitchen utensils, for example saltcellars, sugar bowls, bread boxes, spoons, forks, etc. It is possible to tie with bright satin ribbons. The main room where there will take place festive action, dress up the New Year`s serpentine, balloons, Christmas tree decorations, etc.
usually hang up the Serpentine on all house on walls, pictures, chandeliers - generally, where only your soul will wish.
Quite originally look the mumpish multi-colored balls hanged on chandeliers, walls or “walking“ under a ceiling if they, of course, are inflated with helium.
I in spite of the fact that main decoration of the holiday - this is the forest beauty, will be not superfluous to place pine branches on room perimeter, having issued them in the form of winter bouquets or New Year`s compositions. For this purpose, Christmas-tree decorations, silver threads, various tapes, bows etc., and besides any kinds of a coniferous tree &ndash will be useful to you; thujas, cypresses, fir-trees, pines. If you want
, then you can involve in this interesting occupation of children who with great pleasure will help you to decorate, for example, with New Year`s patterns of glass in all house. Only for a start do not forget to agree with children that you will wash away all this jewelry too in common. And that it was better to wash these arts, use the simplest &ndash paint; water color or gouache. You should not apply oil because after such entertainments it is necessary to change all glasses. to Whom and than to draw
- we already understood, and here is how to decorate - it is not absolutely clear yet. You can rely on the children completely: at whom, and at them there is a lot of ideas much. But nevertheless do not leave business on drift - periodically glance that they get up there.
On doors and windows you can build ranks of icicles. For this purpose it will be necessary for you a strip of white paper and it is white - blue paint. For this purpose take paper, at edges draw contours of icicles, paint them a water color and bend so that the top row did not hide lower. Everything, our ornament is ready!.
Can also be made and a Christmas decoration “openwork balls“. Wind an ordinary mumpish sphere with thick threads, miss the mark the turned-out layer of threads with starched paste or abrupt sugar solution and let`s dry well. After paste dries, blow off a sphere, and decorate the turned-out form, for example, with coniferous needles and “rain“ or as want, and hang up in a visible place.
If in your house can put a vase with nuts or fruit, then you can decorate it, having put on a bottom golden or silvery beads, - it will give to the room a festive look.
Well and of course, do not forget to present congratulations happy New Year to the friends to the family who it is possible to find on pozdravleniya - rus. ru