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Quickness of


and - the beginning new nothing an inconspicuous aphorism, conclusion
in - important
d - banal, z - informative
and - interesting
to - winged
of l - best
of N - not important
p - instructive
with - difficult for understanding
r - in a riddle, for reflection, on ingenuity and installation of the opinion
yu - humour

Quickness is necessary for children
importance value the sign depends to apply value gives definition it is necessary the rastoropstvo allows to help will learn to form to develop to develop to bring up the advantage of people the child prompt is born it is possible depends the reasons

z Quickness - a practicality, dexterity in business, ability to take the correct actions …
kvl Quickness - sleeping pill for conscience.
kp Before being gathered quickness - grow up spiritually.
pv Quickness of the immoral person - is dangerous.
zp Is salutary quickness only inspired by philanthrophy.
and the Prompt person is capable to turn in own favor everything - and even losses and treachery.
zpv Quickness - has to be conformable conscience and morals.
to One of - under lands will get, others - should put a nipple to lips.
and to Arrive promptly - the rule of common sense.
zd the Prompt person is a good judge of everything.
zd the Prompt person in any situation will find a way out.
zr Quickness - is grounded to reality.
z Imagination, hobby for the highest matters - a quickness hindrance.
zd Rastoropstvo - is not pensive.
zdk Quickness to illusions - not the girlfriend.
zdk Prompt - empty ideas not to get.
z Quickness does not abuse imagination.
zd Quickness does not fly in clouds.
z is important For quickness ability to come quickly back to Earth.
z Quickness is on friendly terms with concreteness.
z Quickness - is realistic.
z Elder sister of quickness - judiciousness.
zp the Girlfriend of quickness - economy.
zd Quickness - mother of success.
zd the Prompt person understands life.
zd the Prompt person is serious.
zd the Prompt person - knowing.
zr results Quickness in efficiency even of feeling and aspiration.
zd Quickness - promotes wellbeing.
zd Quickness is in many respects obliged to resourcefulness.
zd Quickness - is vigorous.
zd Quickness - possesses a business vital grasp.
zd Quickness - is initiative.
zd Quickness - is impudent.
zd Quickness is on friendly terms with efficiency.
zdp Quickness - needs diligence and will.
z Quickness - anticipation help.
zd Quickness relies on experience.
zd Quickness - a fertile field for career.
zd Quickness is promoted by inquisitive, precise, quick and sharp mind.
zp Quickness without confidence - limps.
zp the Quickness which is not filled with creativity - has a pathetic appearance.
zd Mind without Quickness - anything.
z Quickness demands maintenance of a high standard of living.
and Quickness - the guarantor of material well-being even at the small income.
and Quickness - one of happiness support.
and Quickness is lost at breakdown of problems by money.
zdpv is difficult to develop quickness to they are whom sponsor.
and the Prompt person of a problem solves easier, quicker, than
more economically, more successfully …
zd Quickness - a survival basis.
zd Quickness - disciplines.
zd Quickness - will organize.
zd Quickness - develops restraint.
zd Quickness - develops patience.
zd Quickness - promotes concentration.
zd Quickness is promoted by discipline.
zd Quickness is promoted by organization.
zd Quickness is promoted by concentration.
zd Quickness is promoted by restraint.
zd Quickness is promoted by observation.
zd Quickness is promoted by patience.
zdp Quickness is promoted by a daily routine.
pz At the prompt person - the majority of vital difficulties does not arise, the lion`s share of the others are overcome by it with ease.
zdvk Quickness - the sister of economy.
and Quickness in a hard time can save life.
and If the noble, prompt person is rather poor - means, he wishes it.
z Very many clever, prompt people living is rather poor, at desire in very short time could be enriched.
and the Prompt person seems is more senior.
z Quickness often is on friendly terms with cunning.
z Quickness is promoted by need.
and As appearance of the person is descended,
ugly people from generation to generation, working on itself,
became prompter. The boomerang effect of this mechanism on women - very beautiful is especially evident, living due to appearance, at all grew dull and became clumsies.
z the Prompt person seldom falls into despair - he always finds a way out.
and Growth of quickness - is in many respects obliged to problems, difficulties, diseases …
p to Prompt people for normal life of money needs repeatedly less.
p At the reasonable, prompt person does not happen shortages of money because they are spent according to their existence.
p Prompt people use money as a camel water.
and Quickness - should study.
p the Person should study quickness first of all at the nature.
to Quickness - is wise.
and suspect Prompt people of the illegal income.
z is less than Prompt women.
z Quickness is more necessary for men.
z to Slow women is easier to survive on a biological possibility of the choice of partners in life not on external, and business qualities, prostitution, contents …
z Quickness of men is in many respects obliged to love by eyes.
z Lyubov eyes, taking away more, than giving - forces men from generation to generation the quickness to raise.
yu Quickness is necessary even in happiness. yu the Prompt person even finds
benefit in grieves.
yu Is more probable that at the person wings will grow - when he jumps from break.
yu the Clever, but not prompt person - not only that lives badly, so still fully realizes it.

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