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How to use oil for care of body skin? Types and effects of

That your skin was gentle and smooth, behind it permanent careful care is necessary. Body oils - just that means which will help to make our skin soft, nice on the touch and beautiful by sight. For certain each of us at least once in life did to

massage and knows that oil use at the same time - an integral part of procedure. Cosmetologists recommend to have them in an arsenal along with traditional means on care of your body.

Components which are a part of oils well humidify, eliminate dryness and irritations, restore already present damages and prevent a peeling of your skin.

Usually for a body almond, olive and peach oils are used, but the uncountable set of different exotic oils which extracts enjoy wide popularity came to our century of innovations in cosmetology and render favorable effect on skin, prolong skin youth, intensify blood circulation and exchange processes that helps with fight against hated all cellulitis and against excess weight.

Use of oil for care of skin strengthens the weakening effect of procedure thanks to the sliding movements of hands on lines of our body, and also to aromas which allocated all oils without exception.

Let`s look what oils happen and for what it is the best of all to use them.

Not role oil:

- it is received from flowers of an orange tree, it very well softens skin, and also does it silky to the touch.

Oil of an apricot stone:

- excellent means for fight against cellulitis, it well softens the coarsened skin sites. Still it is often used as a basis of a body scrub.

Ginger root oil:

- irreplaceable means at hypererethism and frustration of nervous system. It very fine helps to relax. Moreover, massage with oil of ginger kills muscular pain and eliminates spasms, the weakened organism gets a condition of rest.

Jasmine oil:

- as well as ginger oil, will help those who are inclined to experiences at the slightest pretext, and then owing to disorders has sleeplessness.

Oil of an iron tree or Persian parrotiya:

- the most optimum oil promoting delay of aging of a body. Unfortunately, age changes of skin - process irreversible, and by means of massage with use of this exotic oil we can significantly slow down this process. It richly high content of fatty acids, vitamins A and E, and also a set of other useful components protecting skin from presenilation. My council: it is the best of all to rub it in moist skin.

Almond oil:

- many for certain know about its qualities. It is rather widely used both in cosmetology, and in cookery. Almond oil returns to our skin elasticity and elasticity, it is used as a basis under a make-up for this purpose to hide roughnesses, it improves structure of skin, to pregnant women it is recommended to rub for prevention of extensions.

Oil ilang - ilang: by

- it is used as aphrodisiac. It possesses delicate, gentle aroma, relaxes muscles, normalizes breath, a warm rhythm, raises a sexual inclination.

Mint oil:

- has the anesthetizing and toning effect, improves blood circulation and the general condition of an organism.

Oils of a lemon and tangerine:

- possess bactericidal properties and are used as some kind of antiseptics. Perfectly help at violations of a warm rhythm, tone up, increase elasticity of skin and bleach it. Are effective for burning of fatty deposits.

All oils which we can use for improvement of beauty of our body are fine in own way. Their huge set, and it is simply impossible to tell about all, for this purpose there is the whole science. They possess medicinal and preventive properties, practically all aromatherapy is constructed on them, they are simply irreplaceable in cosmetology. Before using any your body oil, I strongly recommend to get acquainted with structure, appointment and a method of application.

Well, and in the conclusion from me council: as daily leaving after a shower rub oil in moist skin, and the remains can be wiped a towel. What is necessary for your skin will be absorbed when you rub it, and you will clean surplus together with moisture a towel. What exactly will this achieve? Your skin will be moistened, and the greasy luster and unpleasant feeling - as did not happen.

Be beautiful!