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How “the celibacy wreath“ looks?

For a start let`s decide on the concept “celibacy wreath“. It something from area unknown, at the same time is treated as follows. The celibacy wreath - the most difficult karmic problem at which the woman cannot marry and in general lives with any man.

three types of a wreath of a celibacy Exist: psychological, magic and as patrimonial damnation.

The psychological wreath of a celibacy - when at the woman is accurate mental sets: “all men of the drunkard, idlers and libertines“. And it would like only the prince with a smart bouquet of roses and on white Mercedes and with a wedding ring with diamond. At the same time the client badly realizes what personal qualities her prince has to possess. I want that, I do not know that.

As a result of negative installation in relation to men the psychological wreath of a celibacy, and also underestimated or superhigh self-esteem is also formed. I or am not worthy the prince, but I want therefore all men around just idiots; or I am so good that the prince me is not worthy. Such wreath of a celibacy is removed psychological correction and therapy then the strong family is established.

The second type of a wreath of a celibacy - magic. With it it is more difficult. In this case the woman cannot establish a family or it is even simple to live together with the man. Men for a while can appear and quickly disappear without explanation. The anorgazmiya or frigidity can be an indirect indicator of a magic wreath of a celibacy. Only the parapsychologist, the psychic or the healer thanks to special ceremonies and plots can remove such wreath.

And at last, the third type - a celibacy wreath as a patrimonial damnation. it is sent with the purpose to stop existence of any sort or surname. Such wreath is also removed by healers.

The wreath of a celibacy has nothing in common with damage and a malefice. It is a special negative. How the celibacy wreath looks?

To the parapsychologist at different times, in the different cities an inquiry “a celibacy wreath“ three girls at the age of 21 - 23 made. They were asked to represent a wreath which they feel, by means of colored pencils and a sheet of paper.

What showed the pictural test? The wreath was represented by a black pencil in the form of a circle with needles, similar to a crown of thorns at Jesus. The bulb, as at miners on helmets was ahead drawn. On a circle there were exclusively green leaflets and red florets. I will specify that drawings were drawn by different girls in the different cities and at different times. Surprisingly, but they were similar. It gives the chance to speak about similarity of their feelings and the uniform image of a wreath.

So, using the simplest psychological pictural test, found out how the wreath of a celibacy looks. Perhaps, such tests can be carried out from other sort by feelings, like damage and a malefice. It will allow to expand these concepts and to give the soil for reflection to parapsychologists, and parapsychology - to be claimed as official science.