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In what danger of the free relations?

Among all variety of the modern relations between the man and the woman exist such original subspecies as the free relations. I Will remind

the main signs - couple, it seems, as well as exists, but in too time without any obligations, without restriction of freedom to have sex with other people and, certainly, without rotten remnants of proprietary instincts of the past - jealousy and scandals.

At first sight, the scheme ideal for allegedly advanced people who claim that “the love is poured in the Universe“ “we cannot belong to someone to one“, “I am open for the whole world“ and “the jealousy is an attempt of control, and I cannot be controlled“ and so on with a reinforcement quotes from clever esoteric books.

All this sounds perfectly in words, especially against a decline, rugs for meditations and the palm trees trembling under hot tropical wind: free people, want - meet and together levitate, then without any proprietary instincts, rejoicing popularity of the partner, bless him on sex with another / another with words: “It is only sex! We cannot limit freedom of each other! All of us equally above all love each other!“

In sectors of society is simpler where it is not accepted to flaunt quotes from Osho and Castaneda, everything looks a little in a different way, but the essence from it does not change: “I am not going to marry, I want to be free and I do not want to connect myself by obligations, and I have not enough one Irka“. At the same time that nominal Irka is sincerely sure that “well and let he and a half the area sleeps, but he loves me“ or closes eyes to behavior of the “free“ partner, thinking out a wide range of justifications “I love it“, “Will be acquired - will understand where it is better“, “All men such“, and even “It is better such, than in general any“.

At first sight, apparently, that the free relations do not conceal in themselves special danger - well people in the modern world only cannot do! But actually the scheme under the name “free relations“ works for advantage only of one person, and as a rule, this is the man. How freedom-loving were our women, all the same deeply on subconsciousness at them the belief sits that the partner has to be one and when there is a lot of them - it means any.

Therefore “free“ the relations happen at one partner from two - and such situation brings to the woman only tortures and jealousy. She, perhaps, would also be glad to meet someone else and nobody else is not necessary to her, and foreign lovers bring only even more deep feeling of disappointment and exinanition.

And even if two such “freedom-loving“ persons meet, they as fishermen, see each other from far away and do not even try to enter the relations which are so declared by them as free.

They are so keen on the adventures that their orbits too quickly appear in the distance from each other - in search of people who will be dependent on them, and it is so pleasant to them to tell with an absolute indifference shrugging shoulders: “Well and you go to yourself find somebody, do not smother me the love“.

This position is very convenient - it does not assume responsibility for feelings of other person, allows at any hint on problems instantly to withdraw, disappear without explanations, and before freely to torment the partner, forcing to be jealous.

Whether it is worth saying that it is absolutely immoral, and not freedom, but consumerism and meanness in relation to another is called? And if you managed to contact it, look to the truth in eyes and admit to yourself that you are worthy much bigger, than the so-called “free relations“.