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What mothers-in-law are?

the Woman creates marriage with darling, but not with his relatives. But it is necessary to come into contact with the mother-in-law all the same. And how to be if it is not necessary to hope for the easy relations. Try to understand what type mother of your husband treats. Perhaps, it will help you to build the correct line of conduct.

the Owner

As a rule, is single mother and the son for it - the only pleasure. Any girl who appeared in the son`s life will be perceived as the competitor who encroached on the most expensive. It is simply impossible to please it, a standard - she. To clash with it it is useless, it will bring nothing good. Neither to change such mother-in-law, nor to achieve her favor all the same it will not turn out. In this situation everything depends on the man. Or everything that he will be able - to recognize that you ironed out a shirt not worse, than mother. Or to it at last will bother to be mother`s darling.

Forever young

not the worst option. The attractive woman watching herself and having success in gentlemen. And will not come to its mind to be jealous the son, she has an active private life. However, the prospect become the grandmother can not please her. Sons at such mothers usually become ideal husbands: undemanding, got used to the woman`s cult in a family. It is not difficult to make friends with such mother. You do not stint compliments, find the general subjects for conversations. Only do not try to eclipse it the dresses - here she definitely does not suffer the competition.

It is sure by Traditsionalistk`s

that the wife is the modest shadow of the husband doomed to sacrificial service. The world for it is painted in gray tone: with work it is not lucky, in private life it did not develop, people around do not understand. She and in your life will look for the negative moments. Happy family life without quarrels and difficulties for it does not exist. You do not blame her. Help this woman to paint the life. Present it a trip on rest, buy a dog or, eventually, marry. Also be not afraid to address it for councils. At a difficult moment the mother-in-law surely will help you.


the Role of the housewife obviously not for it. This woman loves the work and completely is given it. It with pleasure will shift to you all obligations for care of the son, or perhaps even behind it. This mother-in-law does not dream of a role of the grandmother, not strongly is interested in grandsons, but also too does not interfere with your family life. It is simple to be credible such mother-in-law. Be interested in its work and with genuine interest listen to her stories.

Mother everything knows Komandirsh`s

better. The last word behind it, as well as the first, and the second... The others have no right to vote at all. You, of course, can introduce the ideas, but they are anyway incorrect. And point. Prepare for a stream of charges, morals, orders. The girls who got used to strict discipline and brought up in style of east obedience will reconcile to such relative. But if you are not ready to refuse independence, try to see the “beloved“ mother-in-law only on holidays.

the Brood hen

Can be told

, ideal option. This woman - a sample of the true keeper of the center: the careful mother understanding the mother-in-law, the kind grandmother. The daughter-in-law becomes for her a daughter. Tasty lunches, ideal purity, well-groomed grandsons - everything lays down on her brittle shoulders. But at the same time there is a danger to fall into dependence on the mother-in-law: you should listen constantly to its councils, and the husband risks not to flutter out from - under mother`s a wing.