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Riga motormuzy: what is the exposition interesting by?

Are far from historic center of Riga, having got lost among area Mezhtsiyems new buildings, is Riga motormuzy. Since the basis in 1986 - 89 he managed to get a smart collection of cars.

B 80 - e years of R ī gas motormuzejs assembled under the arches the most rare cars not only from Baltic, but also from all Soviet Union. Its exhibits once stood in Gorky, Stalin, Khrushchev`s garages. It is not surprising that at that time Riga by right was proud of the best automobile museum in the world. The three-storyed building on the suburb of the race circuit of “Bikkerniyeka“, best in the Union, just did not contain all variety of exhibits. Now motormuzy together with the branch in Bausk conceded leadership to the foreign automuseums, having taken the honourable 4th place on the volume of a collected collection.

And all - let not the biggest, but the most interesting exposition motormuzeya it is necessary to see. There are classical cars of the beginning of the 20th century and pre-revolutionary “Russo - Balts“, the German military equipment and cars of the Soviet leaders. For example, Rolls - Royce which is with own hand broken by Leonid Brezhnev and sent not to car service, and straight to the Riga museum. Now the crippled car and costs with the wax secretary general driving.

Among hundreds of museum pieces it is possible to meet the forgotten “1.5 inch tubings“ with gas-generating engines working simply at firewood long ago. Well, and a collection star, perhaps, it is possible to call the car with difficult destiny - racing Auto Union Type C/D.

... In times when the Soviet troops already occupied the territory of Latvia and made the way to Germany, the racing Auto Union team which was based in Zwickau in a hurry rescued the property. Several tens cars still remembering great racers Rozmayer and Nuvolari hid in a coal mine. However the Soviet soldiers found a hiding place, and 18 racing cars went to the USSR where they were distributed right there to sports clubs, automobile works, scientific research institute. Here only was beyond the power to tame German “horse“. Neither spare parts, nor rubber, nor the fuel suitable Auto Union in the Union were, and all drawings remained in Germany. From where Soviet automotive equipment could know that ours And - 74 does not suit the foreign car? Its favourite cocktail: 86% of alcohol, 8,8% of acetone, 4,4% of nitrobenzene and 0,8% of sulphurous air.

As a result the star Gran - at, pride of a Reich, was sorted on the spare part, sold out and taken away in scrap metal. Only decades later by miracle the escaped on ZIL, world`s last copy of Auto Union Type C/D got to the Riga museum. Naturally, Germans could not remain indifferent. They long persuaded the management of the museum to sell the car home, but everything is vain. Only in 1996 compromise, at last, was reached. Auto Union sent for restoration to England where they at the expense of Audi AG collected also the exact copy of the car. It - that also returned to Riga together with a solid monetary bonus.

Within the walls of the Riga motormuzeya there are a lot more interesting exhibits. It is simply impossible to describe them all. At the same time the collection constantly is replenished. The cars long ago forgotten, covered with a dust layer from a grandfather`s shed fall into careful hands of restorers, and from there - under the arches of the real automobile temple where find new life.