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How it is correct to learn to save up money? Simple recommendations

to Learn to save up money - dream of many, however not at everyone it turns out. Always there is a variety of reasons to begin to postpone “tomorrow“, and even next month. There are simple recommendations which will help you to make it already today.

we Define for ourselves the purpose

to learn to save up money, it is required to understand: why, actually, you need it. If just on “rainy day“ is not motivation! Each person often has contingencies, these and can explain the divergence. It is necessary to forget about these wastes and to focus the attention on something concrete - the new car, the laptop, the apartment etc. If before you there is a fair idea of that why you save money, then it will create for you a certain incentive and this business will even be pleasant to you.

we Establish time frames

After you chose the purpose for the savings, it is necessary to determine time for which you will be able to postpone the necessary sum. Of course, at the same time do not forget to consider your opportunities. You save for the car? Perfectly - establish the plan not only to save up for it, but to make it, for example, exactly in a year. But not that your work can come to nothing - this time I will postpone nothing, I need urgently to buy the printer for the computer!

we Count the accumulative sum

based on the cost of your purpose and time allowed for accumulation it is necessary to calculate the accurate sum which should be postponed in a certain period (day, week, month). For example, you want to save up in one year for the new computer worth 45 000 rub, so you have to lay 3750 rub every month. It seems to you that you will not master such amount of savings? Then increase term and count. The simple mathematics promotes accumulation of money.

we Place advantages

What it is more important for you - the new TV or the game console? It is necessary to refuse something. Otherwise you would not be concerned by a problem how to save up money. Calculate the requirements and opportunities and allocate only main goals.

we Reduce expenses

It is a condition directly follows from previous. To postpone for something in future time, it is necessary to cut down expenses - in current. Rule of saving of money supply. Select the most doubtful items of your wastes and ruthlessly cut down them. For example, to go to night club every week - it is very cheerful, but as you started accumulation of means, maybe, the thicket should spend house time? And keep money, and you will be healthier.

we Make the budget and we conduct calculation

This council is useful not only to accumulation. If you see accurate payment under points of the income and expenses and plus to it the planned budget - it will become much simpler to you to learn to save means. And also, having the accurate budget, for example, for a week or for a month, you will not begin to spend with former ease $200 in an evening at expensive restaurant of your city any more.

Completely we refuse credit cards

First - on loans according to such cards big percent are, as a rule, charged. The second - having in hands a card instead of cash there will be a temptation to spend more, than you planned. Cash gives much more idea of the cost, than a piece of plastic. At least from - for the fact that you hold them.

To learn to save means not so difficult as it seems. The main thing that there was a desire and motivation.