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Age and we: what not so? About old and small

The I become more senior, the with bigger melancholy I look at children. Destiny, hard at them... Here you watch

: there lives the child in a family till some time. Then he is sent to a state institution (day nursery, a garden, school) where rules of collective behavior under which your house and such individual child have to bend in discipline and submission by the adult where all and everyone, with the identity and originality, with the personal desires and momentary volitions, with the bents, features have to be leveled and depersonalized on the uniform formation providing convenience to personnel in management of children`s collective are established.

Motivation of the child in palpation, in cognition not only this world, but also the individual opportunities in environment. Motivation of the adults working with children`s collective - in restraint of independent and deeply personal impulses. As if we called it, but we will come all the same to the concept of violence which is floutingly called by education.

Ah, children have to “be socialized“ (as will tell at us). And who argues. But to play one business with other children hour - another in days, and other business - to carry out in children`s collective sometimes even more, than parents of the child will see off at work for money (day nursery, a garden, school with an after-school club and out-of-class activity). Where the child has his personal space, its personal time, its personal door which he wants to slam before all strangers?

This benefit, if the child labile and ekstravertny, the benefit if adults got tender and kind, the benefit if children in collective appeared well-mannered, not angry and balanced. And if is not present?

I look at these little prisoners and I think: here your parents go to state places for all day too. But there to them for everything it is dashing, connected with sale of the work, for all discomfort to submit to someone, though pay monetary compensation for need to be the surrounded strangers and not always pleasant people, give holidays, give the chance to complain, have legal proceedings or just to leave in a huff and to leave …

A these small, they cannot do anything. Only adults can replace for them collective with big violence with collective with smaller. But the element of suppression, submission will be shown in a varying degree throughout all growing of the child up to the termination of school by it.

One more absurd thing. Remember how to us drummed - it is necessary to respect seniors! And you did not wonder why and for what they should be respected? Only because you lived not so long how they and you are younger? And what for a merit to live long and to grow old? And if life at the senior is lived trifling, senseless or in general mean? If he is a fool uneducated and ill-bred? If rascal and bastard? But it is more senior … than

the Teacher adult, and she should be respected for it? And it is necessary to respect the principal even more because he both the adult, and still the director?

OK, the child agrees to respect them as he is accustomed by a family to respect other person equal to it just that that same person, with the body and soul. The teacher can be respected for her knowledge, for desire to tell to the child the baggage, that she well performs the work. But ask whether he wants to respect Mar Vann only for eevozrast? If is not afraid to answer the truth (and they are afraid of us - adults for some reason should be respected), then he will tell it to you … to

you as you want, and I consider not only wrong, but also pernicious to impart to children artificial respect for age of people. It underestimates the child`s level in installation of criteria for true respect for people for their some qualities developed by them - mind, honesty, professionalism, knowledge, kindness, decency, but physiological signs which are not acquired by the natural course of life from youth to aging.

Moreover, the child needs his self-assessment in society, recognition of its right for egoism and a lichnostnost. The doctrine of respect for age as if removes self-realization of the child on terms: I still small, I still nobody, and here will grow up big, I will be noticed and begin to be respected because I will become the adult. Also it turns out that the most important period of life of the child as if is nullified, depreciates: that now, in the childhood - all this artificial, unimportant, not real-life. It is preparation for future adulthood when I, a larva, become the real butterfly. I am not free now, but the real freedom will begin when …

That is why our children so dream to become adults: this sweet word “freedom“! To see, to hardly be not free in most - that a happy time of the life.

And the reverse of the medal - about old. Or god the rascal marks also a debt payment, but also the old age is hostile to young. From where these spiteful old women who are disturbed by children it is noisy players in the yards, teenagers with phones, little girls in a floor - topchik, molodukh with carriages, well-groomed women and men driving beautiful cars, wedding limousines, glossy gays, single mothers, hippie and just all young and healthy around? As kites sit at the grandma`s front doors, hiss vipers and spit poison before spill of own bile. And all - to them not and not so. And it is also age. For which they should be respected.

The evil old age is I more about Russia where the state put elderly people in a situation when it is difficult for them to keep the advantage. Feeling of an obestsenennost of own life, decrease in the social role in society, public neglect the person who chopped off labor life - here the whole ball. And an old age - not pleasure in Russia.

Advantage. Is not enough with his child because of need to live collectively. It is not enough at mature age because of need to work on. And in old age there is also one imaginary advantage, worthy imaginary respect - old age. But as we already found out, it is at all not an occasion to respect the person. And to return itself the importance and to raise the role level, on the place of feeling of self-esteem and advantage the old age grows up the anger and rage to young which pushed aside them in a shadow.

If at the child light at the end of a tunnel still glimmers (to become the adult and to find advantage), then at the old person in Russia, than more deeply and further in a tunnel, that hopes to return the lost importance less and less. Here it is necessary to break everything and to change, treat and treat is an illness of general disorder of Post-Soviet life, and this business of citizens of this difficult country.

But the West - paradise for old men. That is why the western old men so reach for young people and so try to look younger. Not in the childhood, not at mature age, namely on an old age of years, after retirement of people finds freedom. You, probably, paid attention that the western tourists are, generally elderly people. Look at cruise liners - it is floating almshouses. Look at the southern resorts of Mexico and Dominican republic - it is pensioners. Look at all State of Florida, to the State of California - reserves of elderly people. The cities and settlements of pensioners where you will not meet any young man. The cities of happiness across Kampanella.

It is possible to dare to be kind and to reach for youth if the old age at you is provided, accumulation are made, the house is redeemed, children - grandsons are arranged and stand on the own two feet...

The other day I happened to argue with very fairly clever person from Russia. It was talked of allegedly written Berezovsky`s letter to the president shortly before death. Prove to me that it is a fake and, prove! And I proved.

Here tell - to me whom you consider old? You call old? Aha … Generally the one who receives an old-age pension (words - that what!) . Pensioner. That`s right: it is the Russian mentality.

Berezovsky allegedly writes: “I am 68 years old. I am an old man“...
Here where puncture of authors allegedly letters! At lived in the West, it is even as short as Berezovsky (12 years), mentality completely changes. Even if you write the letter in Russian. Never the man at the age of 67 years in the West will tell about himself “I am an old man“. Well never! Never - ever! Here where authors have letters and “the Slavic case“ got out!

the Vector of our existence is only one - there. Sense of our existence - freedom and advantage. As if there was a wish to keep both throughout all our following on this hard vector.
of Advantage all and freedoms.