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Secret of preparation of home-made sausage

Author: Anastasia Efimenko

That sausage was juicy, add to it cream and you extinguish in beef fat

In our heading “Course of the Young Culinary Specialist“ skilled the chief - cooks give the master - classes on preparation of the most popular dishes. We already wrote about how to cook the correct chops, borsch, boiled pork, stuffed cabbage, a biscuit, puff pastry. This time we will tell about secrets of roasting of home-made sausage.

Today counters in meat departments of supermarkets just burst with abundance of various sausages. But at all this it is very difficult to choose something really qualitative. And often rather meat sausage costs very much. So there is an occasion to periodically open “meat-processing plant“ at themselves in kitchen and to cook home-made sausages. And the chef of capital restaurant “Black Pig“ Oleg Belous and the chef of Dubki restaurant Emanuel Reisigl shared their recipes and secrets of preparation with us.


of the Gut sell in the markets, already cleared and ready to preparation. They need to be presoaked in warm water in 20 min. prior to preparation.

Beef fat can be bought in the market too. It costs not much - 4 UAH/kg, but is suitable for frying and suppression much better.

At the choice of pork it is enough to try fat of this pig: if it good and with a thin skin, with pleasant aroma and taste, then and all meat of this pig is good too.

At the choice of mutton it is necessary to watch that veins were soft: the they are softer, the meat is more gentle, and sausage will be that, respectively, more tasty then.

For meat it is better for spice to take fresh ground. They do not manage to disappear before preparation and give to sausages special aroma and aftertaste.

Sausages puncture not for nothing: so they will turn out more tasty and juicy.

When you cook liver sausage, consider that the liver is considered ready when in it blood zatushivatsya and at incision pink liquid does not follow from it.

In order that sausage was not dry, it is possible to add cream, and to buy meat more fatly.


Ingredients for 4 portions

Pork of 200 g

Salt, pepper, garlic to taste

For brown sauce:

Beef bones of 100 g

Onion, carrots, a celery, leek po10

Tomato paste of 100 g

Water of 1 l

Salt, pepper to taste

For onions sauce:

Onion of 70 g

Red wine of 50 g

Preparation time: 35-40 min.


Pork are small cut, we mix with spices and we fill weight a pork gut. We fry sausage on a grill then we bring to readiness in an oven (about 25 min.) .

Brown sauce:

We fry bones with vegetables, we add paste, we fry 10 more minutes, we fill in with water and we cook on small fire of 8 hours. Then ottsezhivay through a colander, we salt and we pepper.

Onions sauce:

We fry half rings of onions, we add wine and brown sauce. We serve sausage with noodles, onions sauce and greens.


Ingredients for 4 portions

Mutton without bone of 400 g

Veal of 400 g

Beef fat of 200 g

of Zir ground (idol) of 5 g

of Hmeli - sunet 5 g

the Mutton gut of 300 g

Salt, pepper to taste

the Preparation time: 40 min.


Mutton, veal and beef fat are passed via the meat grinder, we add all spices, we knead in homogeneous mass. We kill her into a small mutton intestine, we puncture in several places, at once we fry within 10-15 minutes on a pure frying pan (beef fat will begin to be kindled quickly, and process of frying will happen in it).

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