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SPLEEN in the hometown of

On Friday, February 22, arrived to GDK long-awaited SPLINOVTSY with the new album “Optical illusion“. I was not the adorer of this group to a concert, and went to a concert more from - for boredom as seldom to our city there come groups of similar level. Tickets began to buy up that year. Bought the ticket almost under the end of the hall, with thought that I am not so a fan to be spent for the first rows. Came to a concert in advance prepared, read about them articles on the Internet, listened to their creativity on new. I sit on the 26th row, I wait for the beginning. I was extremely surprised by the public which gathered this evening. People of absolutely different age, different social groups, different views on the world essential. Before me the family of three representatives sat. As I understood: grandmother, mother and son. At the end of a concert I fell in love with the boundless youth proceeding from this grandmother, she sang much more loudly than the grandson, she so set on public that to public nothing, besides how to rise and sing near it, remained. But we do not run forward.
the Concert began. I, with the not eagle sight, should enjoy only music, what occurs on a scene, I almost do not see. As soon as music begins to play, I understand that and dissecting of guitars about a floor I will not see jumping on a scene, not that style. The SPLEEN - serious, it is possible even to tell, philosophical group. That February evening - it was very opportunely. And here the soloist of group Alexander Vasilyev begins to sing. I, from - for the distrustfulness, already wrote off a concert on is not present, was confident that it is a soundtrack sings, but not Alexander. I was very much guarded with what he in live sang as well as on audio recordings to which I listened before. But my doubts, fortunately, vanished after couple of songs when one active fan persistently asked to execute some, I do not remember now precisely what, the song. He heard the fan`s requests, sang so that that fan was delighted so that I in places on the 26th row, heard that this fan, sings along with an idol. It was fascinating to watch representation, ideally picked up son of lumiere, excellent game of other members of group on tools and dragging away Vasilyev`s voice in some depths. So masterly they played the SPLEEN on strings of souls of listeners that you, sitting in crowd, one of hundreds of other same listeners sitting in crowd is confident in what Alexander Vasilyev sings only to you. You ask it in soul: “Sing to me still …“. And he sings. Sings two hours continuously. Sings so that you are already so happy from a surplus of emotions that the neighbor on the right and at the left in a row became you almost the brother or the sister. We who are not spoiled by frequent concerts of stars public also are, perhaps, the most grateful. Ordinary pathos and a luster descends from all faces. Everything is bared... They left, apparently, that a concert is ended. “My heart stopped …“. All in perplexity exchange glances to steam of moments. And then chorus, in ecstasy shout “Still!“. About a minute this cry proceeds. And …, about happiness! They left. Sang and played still most that on there are hits. Any sitting in the hall. All stood and sang together with new found or with old friends who together with public sang on a scene. Let it is not enough place between ranks, let you with the neighbor constantly face elbows, but one and all smile and all are happy. The grandmother ahead of me as the inveterate punk, exposed a fist and shouts words of songs. Triumph, so many happy and joyful people in one place I did not see long ago. The SPLEEN was rallied also old and young. All gave a standing ovation, shouted “Bravo!“.
Having waited in line in clothes, having gone outside, you do not understand that you see. The optical illusion began. Deception of hearing and reason. Everything is unreal. Alexander Vasilyev`s voice persistently continues to sing already such native songs in the head. You go in the evening, under legs snow, in under a cap music crackles, you smile, is happy. Now I understood that in me feelings of the fan leaped, I began to learn their creativity in the bus, in shops, I downloaded their songs on a player. And when suddenly will feel depressed, you will insert the earphone into an ear, you will find the SPLEEN, “… and it was again lit“.