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How to pay for the taken credit? Five simple councils of

“Replaced life imprisonment with a mortgage“, - so now popular wisdom sadly jokes. The Central Bank sounds alarm - every third Russian owes banks, cases of delays and non-payments of the taken credits as avalanche grow. And all this against the running high bank crisis in Europe.

But however - I not about it. And about what to do to the most ordinary person who by need / imprudence / nonsense took the credit and now experiences financial difficulties with its repayment?

the Exit always is!

Get acquainted with these easy ways to reduce credit burden on your family budget, you will choose that which most suits you, and stop “to emotsionalit “ about it.

You remember, nervous cages are not restored so whether it is worth worrying on the fact that you need to give only once a month to bankers the insignificant sum of money?

Quite so service of the taken credit technically looks.

Is passed to councils

1. If on you issued a set of the small credits ( often they undertake to pay for the previous credit ), and it became already heavy to you to pay off on them, then is recommended to be refinanced - that is to take one more big credit and to repay them all available small loans.

It will give you the chance to pay on this credit only once in month and considerably the smaller sum.

2. Surely keep daily written account of all the expenses - it very well disciplines also, according to the knowing people, even only one it will allow you to keep to a third of the family budget.

Collect all checks at commission of any purchases and you bring them in the table in the evening - the Excel type.

3. Some people, being in a debt hole, in every way try to give quicker money and to close the credit .

To forget that life goes on, to restrain itself (to save on small pleasures ) just silly - because life then loses any meaning.

In this case we become the presents “ slaves by galleys “, wearily rowing day and night with only one thought - to earn money quicker to give them to the hated supervisor - the banker.

4. Always you pay on the credit in advance , for one or two weeks to the term of introduction of monthly payment.

It will allow to avoid to you delay of payment from - for the carelessness, forgetfulness or from - for banal a delay when passing on banks of the payment made by you.

5. If you for any reason did not have money to pay on the credit, urgently occupy them the family and acquaintances.

You remember if you spoil from - for at the wrong time the made payment the credit history, then you any more never obtain other credit.

Perhaps it, of course, and to the best, but not the same price! Therefore everything - perezanyat is better than money at friends or acquaintances, than to detain payments for the credit.

Here such simple recommendations that who became the voluntary hostage of the own credit.

If these recommendations are for you useful, I will prepare still a series of councils.