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Rest on the Black Sea. Let`s go to Grigoleti?

Two or three of month will pass quickly, there will come the hot summer and a time of holidays. There will be an eternal question - where to have a rest, where to go what resort to choose? All have tastes and different desires, one like to travel around the country in which they were not yet, others prefer to have a rest in luxurious hotel on an ocean coast, and someone will go not to the sea coast, and to a taiga.

If you love silence and comfort in combination with fine sea climate - go to Grigoleti, to this really paradise place!

Grigoleti - the small settlement in 12 kilometers from Poti (territory of Georgia) on the Black Sea. At the moment about two hundred people live in Grigoleti, and here concerning his population I unexpectedly found a mistake in Wikipedia - there is written that the main population of Grigoleti - Georgians, but it absolutely not so! Georgians live there and, but their about one person from ten, the others - the Russian conservatives.

… Once on the place of this village there was an impassable bog. Group of conservatives, escaping for imperial anger, moved from Russia and gradually there, by efforts of several generations turned this “mosquito hell“ into the paradise place. They rooted out the old wood, drained almost completely a bog, planted pines a dense wide row parallel to the sea coast. The wide strip of the pine wood consisting of trees, probably, of already bicentennial age is still live and protects the village from gale rushes in bad weather, creates unique aroma of needles, gives a shadow to those who have a rest at water. Descendants of pioneers live also now there, adhering to the tenor of life and religion.

At once I will tell for those who got used to very expensive refined hotels - in Grigoleti such a little. There are several small hotels, last year completed big hotel “Rhett`s Country House“ which will provide all conditions of accommodation on your taste - fine numbers, restaurant with the Georgian, Russian and French cuisine, the well-planned beach, the Internet in each number (with the Internet in this region of a problem, in any case last year we with the girlfriend could not use it on our laptop, but we lived not in hotel).

The place, at first sight, will seem you the region of the world. As though here davny - development of a civilization stopped long ago - along the road going from Poti to Kobuleti on small benches grannies in kerchiefs and grandfathers with broad beards sit... Here to the coast the launch swims up a prehistoric look, and strong guys begin to unload from it wattled baskets, full fishes, in air smells of needles and pair milk …

If you decided to have a rest there and are a little constrained in large sums (in Willa of Rhett of the price rather big), you will find fine conditions in the private sector just at the ridiculous price, the truth! Grigoleti`s inhabitants earn to themselves a living by the fact that they accept in the summer of tourists, and you will find in each yard whole pass - a complex - several lodges with European-quality repair (smart furniture inside, the bathroom and a toilet with the round-the-clock hot water in modern style), in each lodge conditioners, satellite television, kitchen (if you want to prepare but not to go to restaurant in hotel, will provide you any ware).

Each house is adjoined by the certain yard with stone paths seated by exotic plants. Near our “number“ lemons, tangerines, a feijoa and a couple of banana trees grew (bananas, however, do not manage to ripen there). Around the silence and rest, lodges are located so cunning that lodgers meet only on the beach. The beach absolutely close, it is only necessary to go beyond gate, to pass through the road, to cross a pine strip - and here it, the sea!

The sea in Grigoleti unique. In - the first, it, according to official figures, the warmest sea on the Black Sea coast. You can not trust me, but in August late at night water temperature was sometimes more than 30 degrees! Just there was no wish to get out from this “pair milk“ on already cool evening air, really.

Well, and the most important sight of the Black Sea in this place - medical magnetic sand. It almost black color, very gentle, directly velvet, according to scientists - treats post-traumatic pains, rheumatism, different diseases of joints. Was influenced by it - leg pains after a difficult change often torment, and here after rest in Grigoleti and warmings up of my poor leg in magic sand honor till next summer of pain and the truth receded.

A little more on delights of this beautiful place. With food of difficulties is not present any - you, however, do not buy lobsters or mussels there, but in the village there is a lot of shops, and products at any standard choice. And here such things as a pair milk, a smetanka, cottage cheese, a yogurt it is necessary to buy since morning from locals, they with pleasure will supply you with it at the small prices. If you order a small fish in advance, early in the morning will bring you already cleaned and drawn well-known black-eyed mullet which lapped in the Black Sea couple of hours ago (local fishermen carry bulk of fish to Batumi, but will never refuse to sell to vacationers).

The only shortcoming which can be found in Grigoleti - lack of any pleasure institutions like night clubs, noisy discos and big restaurants (the fact that there are no restaurants at all - cannot be told, is in Willa of Rhett and a little in small hotels).

Or perhaps you also need it? It is so exciting - to enjoy noise of the sea and pines, lying on a curative sand, to admire an evening a sea decline, previously having eaten a mullet which was so loved by Kostya from Odessa in the famous song and to fall asleep in a complete silence in fine number. And over the head through the slightly opened window something will be whispered by cypresses and a tangerine tree …